Say Hello to Chris

of Chris Hains Interior Design

I am Chris Hains of Chris Hains Interior Design. I consider myself a semi-native of Colorado, having moved here 37 years ago.  I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Louisiana, so my heritage is Cajun, but my heart and home are here.   My Southern hospitality and love of cooking are a still large part of who I am, but my soul is grounded by the mountains. I moved to Boulder, not really knowing what Boulder was about, but for me, it was coming home. My husband, Pat, from Lyons and I have been together for 34 years, living in the Boulder, Longmont area. We have 2 boys, both in committed relationships, and no grandchildren yet, but lots of grand kitties. We have 3 dogs and love to garden, cook, bike, golf, hike and travel. In 2009, I started and ran the local high school’s baseball 501c3 program for 5 years while my 2 boys were in high school. 
Design is my soul; I live and breathe it.  I originally attended college in southern Louisiana to become an interior designer. BUT… when I met my husband here in Colorado 34 years ago, I decided to attend CU; received my Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. I practiced for 25 years in the Boulder area.  Sadly my hygiene career ended 6 years ago when I had LRTI surgery to rebuild my Left thumb because of osteoarthritis; I could not pick up a piece of paper without hurting.  The surgery was a success, but I never regained the strength needed to return to practice.  I still miss my patients and practice, but it was the opportunity I needed to make my childhood dream come true. 
I began Chris Hains Interior Design, LLC in March of 2021, but have been designing my whole life. I attend Heritage School of Interior Design in Denver, a boot camp-style program where I complete a 2-year course in 5 to 6 months. 
Chris Hains Interior Design offers a variety of services, the full-service design package is my standout offering, helping homeowners achieve the spaces they desire from conception to completion. My collaborative approach extends to my primary contractor, Shaun Thomas of Thomas Built, LLC. We work closely to make sure no design detail is missed. Our approach is to provide old-world reliable solid craftsmanship done right the first time. This philosophy extends to all the craftsmen I use exclusively. 
The main thing people love about my collaborative approach is that there is a non-rigid, non-compromising attitude. It’s not about my vision, it is always about the client. I work closely with them because ultimately, it is their home and their design. My approach is truly collaborative. When someone invites me into their home, I am honored and respect the trust they place in me to bring their vision to life.  I’m happiest when my clients can live in functional yet beautiful spaces that make their hearts sing.  I find joy and satisfaction in the smiles clients have when a design comes to life, it often brings tears to my eyes. 
I pride myself in always seeing beyond the four walls of a space, solving design dilemmas, creatively working around and incorporating structural limitations making any space beautiful. I love old homes and their bones. When I see an old wooden floor worn from years of use, I see the love of a child going in and out the back door.  I would be honored to bring my love of design to Mapleton Hill.  Please check out my website at, and call or text 303-588-8437 to chat more about your design dreams.