Introducing Murphy!

Hi - My name is Murphy. I belong to the Jacobsen Family. I am a 10-year-old Border Collie which makes me mid-50s in dog years! I am gentle and friendly but true to my breed’s sensitive temperament as I tend to be shy if I'm just meeting you. Give me some time and once I can feel more comfortable - we will be great pals!

I am grateful to be a Jacobsen. Being part of a pack is important to me, and my humans live up to that. We have a special bond and over the years have made so many fond memories. I am friendly in social situations but am perfectly content with the comforts of my home and the companionship of my loved ones. I am a homepup – through and through!

Why wouldn’t I be – the humans in my life treat me the best! I get tons of attention and love. They even share the occasional treat from the table. So, I make sure to show up at every meal, waiting for that show of appreciation. They give great belly rubs and always seem to know when my ears need scratching!

We go out and enjoy nature. We find adventure wherever we live. We have lived in the Long Point community for 2.5 years, now. We love it! The neighborhood is perfect for my outings. Even though being home is my favorite I do enjoy my walks. I can get outside and sniff the world. I don't want to let that pass me by! There is nothing more satisfying than discovering new sights and smells and creating more memories with my family. While out I can also chase squirrels and explore the neighborhood. Being in Long Point and surrounded by water is ideal. I love chilling on the dock and looking out onto the marsh. But no matter where I live if it is with my wonderful family - I will be a happy boy!

Although I never want a good walk to end, after all that activity there is nothing greater than a long nap (or three) to rest and recharge! Plus, right when we get back inside I get a well-deserved tasty “greenie” for my good behavior!

My family and I want to nominate our friend Buddy Bell as Long Point’s Precious Pet in an upcoming issue! Looking forward to seeing everyone around the neighborhood as I Stroll Long Point!