Lighthouse Financial Group LLC

It's a Family Affair!

       My name is Wendy Wallace, I’m the owner and founder of Lighthouse Financial Group. I was born in England but moved to Atlanta at a young age. My parents are of Indian descent, so I’m what you call Anglo-Indian. I have two children, Moya and Jacob (and three awesome grandkids). We moved to Tybee in 1993 where I stayed until last year when I moved to Wilmington Island with my fiancé and dog, Roxy. My business is also on Wilmington Island in the Mercer Plaza shopping center. We are an independent investment and financial advisory firm. We specialize in retirement planning, where we create individualized plans for people coming into or planning for retirement with various investment vehicles that are the best fit for them. This includes tax planning, estate planning, Medicare, and more. We are very relationship driven and feel that’s what sets us apart from other financial firms.        
        After moving to Tybee, I moved my parents down from Atlanta to live next door so I could better care for them. I was working for a company out of Chicago when my mom had a stroke and subsequently passed ten days later. With that, I started helping my father figure out their affairs. They had money invested all over… it was a mess! I found a life insurance policy that an unscrupulous agent neglected and instead of providing security for my dad, he was told he owed an exorbitant amount of money on it! This is what inspired me to learn all that I could to not only help my dad but to make sure this didn’t happen to any other seniors if I could help it.             I went through the classes and training so I could earn the certifications to move forward and created Savannah Senior Solutions. At the time I only worked with retirees. The business became Lighthouse Financial Group in 2012 and I brought on my daughter, Moya. She is now the Vice President of the company and is invaluable! She handles our client relations, marketing, & operations, all while serving as an agent and advisor herself. Together we have grown our business and have helped countless people both professionally and personally. We strive to not only care for our clients but their loved ones, too. It’s so rewarding when we can meet with someone and give them the news that they can retire sooner than they thought! We also take pride in the comfort we can bring family members when a client passes.                                 I love to travel, but there’s nothing I love more than this island life. We are involved in local events, fundraisers, and anything with live music! We offer workshops throughout the year at various locations in Savannah. These are educational presentations, usually followed by dinner, where people come to learn about current events that may impact their retirement. Attendees get to know us to see if there is an opportunity to work together or help in some way. There’s never an obligation for an attendee to meet with us; it’s an opportunity to meet someone we may not have met otherwise. Even if you’ve already retired and have plans in place, we offer second-opinion consultations at no cost. We do not charge for advice or planning services. The current tax rates are changing soon and it’s a good idea to find out how that may affect your investments and plans. We are located at 140 Johnny Mercer Blvd., Ste. 2, Savannah, GA 31410. Our office number is 912-354-4200 and our email is You can also visit our website at for upcoming events and other information.