Neighborhood Sitters!

Abby Galinowski

Below is a list of people in the neighborhood who can babysit, pet sit, plant sit, mow lawns, or a combination of all the sitting! 

Pet Sitting, plant watering
Grace Balensiefer will be in Raineybrook for the summer and is interested in pet sitting and plant watering. She has dogs and a cat of her own, and she loves plants and gardening.

Pet Sitting, plant watering 
Kirsten South is 17 and will be a senior at Faith Christian School.  She has a dog and she has experience taking care of neighbors' pets. 

Babysitting, pet sitting, plant watering
Lois Huang is 17 and will be a senior at Faith Christian School. She has experience working at Faith Christian Preschool and providing childcare at church.  She has a dog and takes care of plants at home. 
*Lois is not available in June and July.

Babysitting, mowing, swim lessons 
Abby Galinowski is 16 (17 in August) and is CPR and babysitter certified. She is a strong
swimmer for McCutcheon (see page ___!) and can teach swim lessons to neighbors with pools.