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I recently sat down with Jim Rehwinkel and Cameren Eads, the father and (step)son owner-duo of Built to Last Co. This home construction business does remodels, builds and additions. They have had a hand in building several of the homes in Raineybrook! 
Jim and Cameren both grew up in the Lafayette area, and both graduated from McCutcheon high school. 
Jim met Cameren’s mom, Laurie, about 22 years ago and they have been a blended family ever since, so Jim and Cameren have known each other for a long time!
Jim has owned a construction business since 1996 when he was just 26 years old. Both he and Cameren have been doing construction all their lives, as Cameren started working with Jim on projects as a freshman in high school. After Cameren graduated high school, he became a full-time employee. Then, in 2020 the company rebranded, and Cameren became part owner. 
Jim’s other two sons also work with the business full-time. 
I asked the guys what makes Built to Last unique, and they said it’s their personality as a company. “We are here to help people make their lives better. What can we do to fix their problems?” 
They like to get to know their clients and take care in hiring trustworthy employees.  “We are working in these people’s homes, sometimes for months at a time. We don’t want our clients to feel like they’re just a ‘client’, or like they’re just a job. We like to have a personal relationship and make sure their needs are being met.” 
Jim and Cameren also ask clients their reasons for wanting a change in their home.  Why does the space need to be different? Is it a functional issue? Aesthetics? Safety? These are the conversations that tell them what the problem is and help them come up with the correct solution. 
I wondered if they had any advice for homeowners who are looking to spruce up their living space by themselves. “Putting up a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom and replacing faucets are things that can make a big difference.” 
They also cautioned that if homeowners run into trouble, call an expert and ask. (Jim is happy to take these phone calls!) Don’t just rely on the guy from the hardware store when it comes to doing things right in your home. 

And, if a homeowner wants to hire professionals, Built to Last can usually start work within four to six months.  
The best part about their job? 
Cameren says, “Definitely the different types of people you meet and their stories and backgrounds. We learn a lot of different things from people.” 
Jim seconds that sentiment. “Yeah, that’s what I would have said, too. I never would have met all the different people I have if it wasn’t for this job.” 
It’s clear that Jim and Cameren care about people and enjoy the challenge of finding solutions for their clients.  They love an opportunity to get creative. Whether working on a $400,000 project or a simple bathroom remodel, the guys at Built to Last care for and listen to their client’s needs. They love making homeowners’ dreams come true.  

2304 Brothers Drive
Suite B, Lafayette, 47909