Meet Gizmo!

Meet Gizmo Dean! Gizmo is a four-year-old Maltese and poodle mix, also known as a “Maltipoo.” He lives in Lago de Vita with his parents Rhonda and Drew and his human brother Aidan.

The Deans adopted Gizmo from Ohio when he was a puppy and say he’s as spoiled as they come.

“He’s royalty and knows it,” Drew says.

The family named him Gizmo after getting to know his playful personality.

“He’s into everything,” Drew says. “He’s mischievous, funny, cunning, invisible with selective hearing… hence Gizmo. He’s a jack-of-all-trades gadget.”

He has a few quirks, but the Deans love him despite them.

“He steals socks every day,” Drew says. 

When he isn’t relaxing at home or snatching socks, Gizmo loves to exercise with his family.

“He loves, loves loves to play ball,” Drew says. “Did I mention he loves to play ball?”

If you see Gizmo out and about, be sure to stop and say hello!