Terry Reilly

Community and fellowship make any neighborhood special, and here in Landfall we’re blessed with civic-minded neighbors who work hard to make Wilmington an even better place to live. For this month’s edition of Stroll Landfall, we had the unique pleasure of speaking to Terry Reilly, whose devotion to volunteering and community work make him stand out even in our community. Furthermore, his story offers us all a glimpse into the many volunteer opportunities that surround us here in Landfall.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC, Terry moved to Landfall after 22 years in Michigan. His interest in volunteering and community work runs deep: a lifelong runner, in Michigan he sat on the board of the Ann Arbor Track Club. In that position he implemented and developed an annual college scholarship program for high school athletes and secured sponsors for the club’s charitable efforts.  These programs proved successful, and Terry began to explore further ways to serve the communities in which he is involved.
After moving to Wilmington in 2012, more options for service presented themselves as Terry engaged with his new community. After settling in Landfall, he joined the Wilmington Road Runners Board and helped to start a scholarship program for local high school seniors. Closer to home, he joined the Landfall Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), an organization dedicated to serving our community in emergencies by acting as early responders. Continuing his love of running, he also became the marathon coordinator for Landfall CERT support teams. This led to service with the Landfall Foundation, which in many ways forms the heart and soul of volunteerism and community service in our neighborhood.  Terry has served on the Education Committee and the Grants Committee.   Regarding the former, Terry’s service on the Education Grants subcommittee proved especially important: “It’s a tough job with more funds requested than grants available. But it’s also rewarding to see how non-profits and our schools can impact so many lives with a relatively small amount of money.” On the Grants Committee, Terry served as co-chair along with his friend Doris Chew, where they worked to take the committee’s efforts in a new direction: “For the first time, we offered onsite training for grant applicants to improve success rates and our relationship with local non-profits.” This in turn magnified the Landfall Foundation’s overall impact and furthers its mission.
Terry has found additional opportunities for volunteering and community service around Wilmington. He works as a mentor for the UNCW Cameron Executive Network, sharing his professional experience—his “business successes and failures” as he puts it—with future business leaders. He serves as an election official with the New Hanover County Board of elections. As a freelance writer, Terry has contributed over 250 articles for local newspapers and magazines. When time allows, Terry enjoys running, tending his garden, international travel and working as an extra in Screen Gems film productions.
Terry’s grateful for the many opportunities he’s had, both personal and professional. He and his wife Kathy will celebrate 50 years together next summer. Terry’s grateful for their successful marriage, family and the life they’ve built here in Landfall.