There’s something wonderful about the energy a dog brings to the household, and very few dogs bring more energy and personality than this month’s Precious Pet. Georgia is a long-haired German Shepherd and a much-beloved member of Lanny and Jill Wilson’s family. Georgia’s story and her adventures with her people make her one of the liveliest pets we’ve covered to date!
The Wilsons are veteran German shepherd people with a longstanding love and deep understanding of the breed. When their previous dog, Gismo, passed away at the beginning of the pandemic, they found they really missed the love and affection of having a large, happy dog in the home. As time went by, they felt that void in their lives more acutely and eventually took steps to fill it. A chance encounter at a dog show in Wilmington, Ohio, led them to contact a German shepherd breeder located just north of Raleigh, who happened to have a litter of puppies available. A visit to the kennel was in order, and the family made the journey to see what was available. Jill describes meeting Georgia as “falling in love immediately.” While the whole family doted on Georgia immediately, their daughter Lydia was especially enamored with the puppy and became the driving force behind the adoption.
From a line of national champion show dogs, Georgia is the family’s first long-haired member of that breed; their previous two dogs were short coated or “stock coated,” as it’s called in the business. Georgia is, by all accounts, a sweet-tempered and social creature, happy to make friends with the people and animals living around her in Landfall. As Jill related to us: “Georgia loves to play with other dogs and is super friendly with everyone. She likes to go on hikes and trail runs. Our daughter often runs her down the nature trail and to the park to meet other dogs to play with there.” With a temperament “more like a Lab” than many German shepherds, running and playing are Georgia’s primary outlets for her energy and zest for life. Always up for an adventure, Georgia often joins her family in their outdoor activities. Jill recalled a recent trip with their canine companion: “We took Georgia to the mountains in August. She hiked up the Profile Trail of Grandfather Mountain with us. It took 6 1/2 hours to go up and down it, and she still had the energy to keep going when we finished!”
Whether out in the world or at home with her humans, Georgia is loved to the point of doting. Her family describes her as “super spoiled,” with a house full of toys and plenty of places to play. This includes a dream for many pups — the family owns the lot adjacent to theirs and has expanded their yard to include this space, which has now become “Georgia’s personal dog park!” Georgia’s days are filled with walks, play, pets and plenty of treats from the local dog bakery. With Lydia’s high school graduation coming up, Georgia will soon have even more time with her adopted parents.
So if you’re out and about, you may be lucky enough to meet Georgia and her family as they continue to enjoy life together. If you’d like to follow along with Georgia’s ongoing adventures, you can also check out her Instagram (@georgia_germanshepherd_girl) and keep tabs on what this energetic, loving pooch is up to!