All Fired Up Outdoor

Karen and Pete Megronigle love to relax, bring people together and cook al fresco.   So it’s no surprise that the patio of their Landfall home features an outdoor fireplace and kitchen. The raised bar countertop invites one to pull up a chair and visit with the chef while the food meets the fire.
“We really use it as an outdoor room, an extension of our living area.”
The couple had a general idea of the layout they wanted, so they headed over to look at the showroom samples and hardscape displays at Stone Garden. They were referred to installer Don Hartsell of Carolina Rock Solid Masonry. Together they finalized the design.    
“We grill several times a week, all year round, so it makes it easy."   
Patterned Bluestone was chosen for the patio flooring, which matches the Bluestone grill cap, bar top and mantel. These are paired with Bucks County Country Ledgestone for the fireplace and kitchen cabinet.  The colors coordinate perfectly with the house and serve as a sweet reminder of the fifteen happy years Karen and Pete spent living in Bucks County, PA.
The timeless quality of the stone allows flexibility throughout the seasons, as seen here in both the fall of 2019 and the summer of 2022. “With family in or friends over, it’s very comfortable.  We like it just the way it is.”