Crumbl Cookies

Aline and Nate Poindexter

Aline Poindexter has loved to bake since she was a child growing up in João Pessoa, Brazil. Her mom had a catering business and Aline enjoyed being in the kitchen with her as her assistant. Aline’s husband, Nate, grew up four thousand miles north of her in Scranton, Pennsylvania. After finding their way to each other and marrying in 2008, the newlyweds settled in Greensboro and have since enjoyed living in the heart of an area known for true southern hospitality.

In 2010, Nate purchased a bread product distribution business and soon became a strong advocate for small business. After owning his business for 12 years, he shifted his focus in the baked goods industry to something a little sweeter… cookies. “In March of 2020, a friend of ours opened a Crumbl Cookies location in Ohio and told us of his positive experience. As soon as Aline walked into her first Crumbl shop, she was greeted with the space of beautiful aesthetics. While the shop grabbed her attention, it was the first taste of a Crumbl Cookie that caused Aline to fall in love with the shop and the product. After much research (and sampling), my wife convinced me that opening our own location in Greensboro on Lawndale Drive was a great idea. And she was right!” Nate says. 

The entire family enjoys being a part of the business. Their three children,  Logan (9), Livia (7) and Levi (2), love to visit the shop and do “big work” by folding boxes, and even taste-testing the products, an important job!

Nate and Aline are proud of their business and the overwhelming support they have received from the community — Crumbl Cookies has quickly become an area favorite. “We believe in treating people well and providing a great product with excellent service. We also believe that being kind to everyone makes such a difference in all aspects of life. In fact, we believe showing kindness is a tremendous competitive advantage in the world of business and, what’s more, it doesn’t cost a thing.”

Crumbl Cookies offers 6 to 7 cookie varieties at a time, but the menu changes every week so there are always new varieties to try. “We find that our customers keep a close eye on the flavors of the week on our app and come in very excited on Mondays when our menu has rotated. We see big turnouts when a crowd-favorite like Nila Bean Cupcake, Cornbread, Kentucky Butter, or Peanut Butter featuring Butterfinger comes around.”
The Poindexters opened their first shop in January 2022 on Lawndale Drive. They loved the experience of owning a Crumbl Cookie franchise so much that they opened a shop in Burlington in May 2022. They plan to open a third location in early 2023 in High Point. 

“We are so grateful for the amazing welcome we have been given here in Greensboro, in our family life and business. We look forward to meeting you and taking care of your sweet needs for family and friend gatherings.”

Nate and Aline invite residents to visit their Crumbl Cookie locations at Lawndale Crossing at 2629 Lawndale Drive in Greensboro and 139 Huffman Mill Road, Unit 103, in Burlington. Visit their website at to learn more about their business and cookies.

Crumbl Cookies- Lawndale Crossing 
(336) 298-2728
2629 Lawndale Dr. Greensboro, NC 27408

Crumbl Cookies- Burlington 
(336) 278-1501
139 Huffman Mill Rd. Unit 103, Burlington, NC 27215