The Point’s Fifth Annual Pooch Parade

On Oct. 30, residents of The Point participated in the Fifth Annual Pooch Parade. There were 11 dogs and many families that participated. People dressed up in their Halloween costumes along with their pets. All ages were there to raise money to help the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Suja Ganji, event coordinator, reports that a total of $306 was donated to the organization!

After the parade ended, the top three costumes were announced. Third place went to Dolly, a chocolate Lab in a butterfly costume. Second place was the Australian shepherd, Lily. Lily's costume was a Harry Potter theme. The entire family decided to wear Harry Potter costumes because that was their daughter’s favorite book series. When interviewed, they were just surprised that Lily managed to keep her costume on. Finally, first place was given to Brodie, a Sheltie who dressed up as a sailor alongside his family. Brodie’s family had matching costumes before, so they decided to do it again. They all looked great as sailors.

Everyone had a blast. Nobody could stop taking pictures. People who did not participate came out of their houses to cheer the dogs on. Overall, the parade was a big hit, and it was for a good cause.