Steve Folk, owner of Foremost Foundations & Construction, has been in the construction industry for over 23 years. Foremost Foundations & Construction specializes in foundation repair, helical piles, geotechnical polyurethane foam, water mitigation/drainage, seawall/retaining walls and anything related to your foundation. Steve told us that he enjoys finding solutions for and overcoming problems for their clients that other companies can't quite figure out!

Did you know that the number one issue that causes foundation problems is water? Most people do not realize that water affects the soil around and underneath their property. The expansion of clay soil when it is wet, and subsequently, the drying out of the soil when it is hot, causes foundations to heave and contract. Generally, this results in foundation failure. Foremost Foundations & Construction highly recommends making sure that water from downspouts, irrigation, or any other water source is moved away from your home's foundation. The second issue that can cause foundation failure is having a foundation that is thin, doesn't have enough steel or the footings are not thick enough...all of which can lead to foundation issues. The sooner you deal with these issues, the most effective the solution will be and the less costly it will be.

What is the right solution for your foundation? There are long-term and short-term repairs. Both have different costs associated with them. A good example of a long-term repair is helical piles with a limited lifetime warranty on the structure. Polyfoam, concrete piers, or driven piles would be similar but more short-term repairs at a lower price point. Foremost Foundations & Construction can help you determine the best choice for your specific project! 

Reach out to Steve and Foremost Foundations & Construction to get your project started!

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