of Camden Shores

Pet's Name: Baer
Family Names: Matt, Dayna, Lawler, Wyatt and Isla Word
Type/Breed: Goldendoodle
Pet's Age: 1.5 years old
Male or Female: Male
Where did you get Baer: Louisville, Mississippi
Favorite Place to Hang Out or Play: Sitting on the back of the couch or looking out the front door window watching neighbors go by
Where does Baer sleep? In Wyatt's bed (our 10-year-old)
Special Treats: All people food - loves peanut butter sandwiches, burgers, ribeye, and taco meat
Describe Baer and his personality: Baer loves his family! He always greets us with "baer" hugs. He puts his paws on our chest and expects lots of hugs and attention. Baer is an escape artist and is always found running down Camden Shores. Natty Nixon (our neighbor's goldendoodle) is his girlfriend!
What makes Baer special? Baer is our first family pet! We got him after our oldest was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We knew Baer would bring so much joy to our family.