Meet Penny!

"...I am spoiled because I have a companion with me all day long!"

Hi! My name is Penny and I am a three-year-old French Bulldog. 

I am so happy to be the Pet of the Month so that I can introduce myself to the whole neighborhood, as I just moved to Centennial this past June. I live on Wind Call Lane and look forward to sniffing a few shoes of my new neighbors when I am outside, and I would love to meet some canine friends as well!

I love my human family, and they are what I am most grateful for. I love my big brothers, Jaxon and Roen, because they give me lots of attention, take me on walks, and play in the backyard with me. My mom works from home so I am spoiled because I have a companion with me all day long.
I am a pretty good dog. My family tells everyone how sweet I am. My worst traits are occasionally chewing on a few things here and there and stealing things off my brothers’ beds. I rarely make any trouble for my family, except when I take full advantage of the open gate in my backyard. I am an adventure-seeking soul!  Little wild animals are very fascinating to me. I love watching birds and squirrels, and most recently, I got to have fun with a neighborhood toad, as you can see from my picture. 

I always obey well when my humans offer me one of my beefy treats, but sometimes I get sad because they will trick me, only pretending to have a treat in their hands -- just to get me to do something I am really not interested in doing. I don’t think that is very nice!  My family does tell everyone how sweet I am, though, and I look forward to meeting you so you can decide for yourself!