Pacific Shore Stones

What sets you apart from others in your industry?
At Pacific Shore Stones we set ourselves apart from others in our industry by providing the highest quality stone and customer experience possible. We truly bring the journey to you by offering an unmatched passion for stone. From the very beginning we are selecting the highest quality stone available worldwide and bringing it to our top of the line showrooms. We have knowledgeable and passionate staff with years of industry experience that help guide our clients through the entire process of selecting the perfect stone for their space. 

What do you find most fulfilling about what you do?
The most fulfilling part of selling stone is having our clients walk out fully confident in their stone selection after working with our team. With every client we work with, our goal is to nail their design vision, educate them on the stone they’ve selected, and provide a well rounded customer experience that makes them excited and confident in their selection. We work to get it perfect every single time and when we do hit the nail on the head it is incredibly rewarding.

How would a neighborhood resident benefit from our services?
Neighborhood residents can benefit from our services in so many ways. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling we are ready to assist! Our staff has backgrounds in design and stone fabrication so we are able to bring knowledge from all parts of the industry. Whether you need assistance matching existing finishes in the home or building from the ground up we are able to help you find the perfect piece. We are here to help find the stone that matches your vision and matches your lifestyle.

Pacific Shore Stones company history:
Marco had his first experience with the natural stone industry in Los Angeles in 2002. He came to understand the challenges of purchasing and importing high-quality stone into the U.S. and are inspired to improve the process by working closely with quarries in Brazil. Eager to try his hand in the industry, he began brokering containers to distributors in the U.S and Pacific Shore Stones® became a stone distributor. He then opened our first brick and mortar location in North Hollywood, California in 2004 when our journey began. Over the next 17 years he opened 16 locations spanning across the united states with our most recent store opened in 2021. 

What is unique about the business?
We are Americas stone distributor of the highest quality, hand selected stone through multiple company-owned distribution centers across the U.S. Each center has a large inventory with a selection of various colors and finishes, plus dedicated staff to assist you with your choices, supporting fabricators, consumers, architects, builders and interior designers in selecting slabs for their projects.

We have developed joint ventures with quarries across the world, built on strong relationships, giving us access to the finest blocks. We offer granite, marble, quartz, travertine, onyx, limestone, soapstone, quartzite and sintered surface slabs.

First and foremost, we aim to provide you - our customer - with the highest quality service. We are confident that our extensive industry experience, large inventory of high-quality surfaces and our dedication to service will meet your needs.

How did Marco, California College Graduate, track & field scholar, and sporting goods store owner, find himself at the helm of Pacific Shore Stones, a luxury natural stone enterprise in the US?
Born in the United States but having spent most of his childhood in Brazil, Marco has always had a foot in both worlds. Fluent in Portuguese and deeply ingrained in the Brazilian culture, Marco's roots have always been evident.
After returning to the United States, Marco's journey took an interesting turn. He pursued higher education in California. While studying, he worked at a sporting goods store. Little did he know that this part-time job would be the steppingstone for his entrepreneurial journey, as he went on to become the store owner even before his graduation.

Fate further steered his path when he met a fellow Brazilian, and their shared heritage led to discussions about the exquisite stone from their homeland. This casual conversation planted the seed of an idea: brokering stone containers. As his passion for the industry flourished, Marco saw an opportunity to introduce luxury Brazilian stones to the US market.

Thus, Pacific Shore Stones was born, symbolizing Marco's deep love for both Brazil and the US. This venture wasn't just about business; it was a bridge connecting his dual identity, reflecting his profound admiration for both cultures. Marco's journey is a testament to how diverse experiences can shape a unique entrepreneurial vision.