A Neighborly Remodel

The Simontons re-imagine their home—with a little help from another gifted Ibis resident

We live in a beautiful neighborhood which happens to be situated in an especially beautiful corner of the world. This may be why so many Ibis residents work so hard to keep their homes looking perfect both inside and out. Perfection may seem like an endless quest, however. At least until you find just the right vision for your space; a vision that creates a lively, bright, relaxed-yet-classic feel. When Steve and Sheryl Simonton purchased their Ibis home in March of this year, they loved the house but also wanted to make it their own. With a little help from another Ibis resident, they were able to bring their vision to life and create indoor and outdoor spaces that perfectly capture the lifestyle they love.
The house in question was built in 2002, and needed a bit of a refresh, per Sheryl: “The master bathroom definitely needed updating.  It was very outdated. The other projects were a combination of increased functionality and desired visual improvement.” For the Simontons, this included improvements to the master bathroom and an upgrade to their patio and outdoor spaces. 
When searching for an interior designer, the Simontons didn’t have to look far. Longtime Ibis resident Julie LaBruna and her company Sunny Interior Design were there to help. Julie brings an experienced world eye to every interior design job, and offers a wide range of services, from full renovation design and project management to refreshing their current space with a selection of the perfect furniture, window treatments, paint, art and lighting. She turned her focus to creating the spaces that the Simontons dreamed of for their new home.
Sheryl tells us that the work took about five months to complete—which as anyone who’s ever done a renovation knows is a great turnaround time: “The project was very efficient, and it stayed on schedule.” Work on the interior started first, with new flooring in all the bedrooms, guest bath refresh and custom closets. The master bathroom renovation design plan included creating: a more open floor plan with more space, flow, and light. The replacement of a built-in bathtub with a freestanding model and a walk-in curbless shower created a look both more contemporary and more functional, while a quartz vanity top and mixed metal fixtures were installed to add visual interest. The crowning piece may be a chandelier installed above the bathtub, making use of the room’s vertical space while adding both functional and decorative lighting. 
With that complete, work moved outdoors. The original scope of work called for an outdoor kitchen with two grilling units on the patio area. However, the space’s potential took over and the ideas expanded to include a food and drink serving station with gas hookups for mobile grills. Utilizing the same quartz countertop material that forms the master bath vanity, Julie and her team created a flexible space that can be used for dining or food prep and features dimmable ambient light for evening entertainment. 
With the project now complete, Sheryl tells us that she and Steve are “extremely pleased with the outcome”. Steve reports that he “wouldn’t change a thing” --which is a testament to Julie and her team and their attention to detail. For Ibis folks considering their own renovation or interior design refresh, he recommends that you “. . . talk to Julie about utilizing her expertise to help you.  She is really good at listening and understanding your needs and your vision.  Thereafter she can provide you with options to help bring the project to fruition.”
It’s a beautiful world, and we’re lucky enough to live in an especially beautiful corner of it. Steven and Sheryl now have a home that fits their lifestyle and aesthetic, which only adds to the shared beauty we all enjoy. If you’re lucky, you might get to join them on the patio someday and get a taste of what a customized outdoor space can do.