Florence Browne

A Life Centered on Faith, Family and Friends

When asked about her life, Florence says, “It is well.”

Florence has been a Hunting Creek resident for almost 5 years, and she loves it here!  She has a successful career in commercial real estate, a dog child “George,” but most importantly, she is the mother of two amazing children, Ryan and Jacquelyn.   Jacquelyn recently married Blake so now she has three!  Florence says, “I am blessed daily by their kindness, caring hearts and generous spirits.  They all have successful careers and have done some amazing things.  Fun facts:  Jacquelyn was involved with American Idol, and Ryan has done an HBO series!  We always have something fun going on.”   

She is one of seven daughters and has always loved being part of a big family. There are 19 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren in her family! To this day they all chat every day, sharing memories, recipes, prayer requests, and new baby pictures!  No wonder why her favorite celebration of the year with her family is Easter when everyone (30 to 50 of us, depending on who can make it) is outside for the Easter Egg Hunt at her sisters' farm.

Florence Describes What Living in Hunting Creek Means to Her

I've made many new friends in the Hunting Creek Neighborhood and have the most amazing group of neighbors.  I’ve never seen a community rally to help more than my neighbors here.  Whether it's preparing a dinner for someone in need or an offer to push you out of a snowbank, my neighbors are a group I know that I can always count on. Most recently I had the opportunity to assist our neighbor in his Prospect mayoral campaign.  You can imagine our neighborhood celebration when he won!!  It was true teamwork!

I am blessed to live in my ‘forever home’ that overlooks the golf course.   There are times when I sigh aloud at the views from this hill.  It's breathtaking sometimes.  The sun sets out the back windows and the colors are changing constantly.  It’s like camping, but I don’t have the hassle of dealing with a tent. 

I love that there is everything to do in Hunting Creek.  Whether walking the hiking trails, enjoying concerts in Cowley Park, or visiting with backdoor friends, living here has truly been a blessing to me. 

There’s a song that I love that describes it all for me: Kristine DiMarco’s “It Is Well.”