Excellent Service. A Caring Team. Exceptional Results

When it comes to waxing, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. With Radiant Waxing, clients can leave feeling smooth and confident from the talented waxologists at this full-service salon. Specializing in speed waxing, they use a proprietary pine resin-based wax known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Unlike an assembly line experience, the salon fosters a genuine connection with guests, making each session personalized and comfortable.

Meet the Owners
Carrie Shyra, a nurse by trade for 35 years, and her husband Michael decided to get into the waxing business by chance. “My husband had been talking about a franchise,” explains Carrie. “When we walked out of Barnes and Noble one night, we saw LunchboxWax.” It was a sign. Four months later, they got a call that Lunchbox Waxing was for sale. 
In December 2019, they took the plunge, acquiring the franchise, only to face the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic just a few months later. Undeterred, Carrie took this setback as an opportunity for learning and self-improvement. Despite not having a business background, she dedicated herself to understanding the intricacies of running a successful venture. When the previous owner, Debi, decided to sell the franchise, it was rebranded from LunchboxWax to Radiant Waxing in May 2022.

Pride in the Team and Unparalleled Service
Carrie takes immense pride in her team of waxologists—professionally trained estheticians who specialize in making intimate waxing experiences easy and comfortable. The salon's commitment to providing a personalized touch and the use of innovative techniques, such as heated table pads and high-frequency light after intimate services, sets Radiant Waxing apart from others in the industry.

“Waxing is all we do so we do it very well,” explains Carrie. Their proprietary wax goes on easily and is removed easily, creating a better experience for clients.  “We take an intimate and vulnerable time and make it easy and comfortable,” adds Carrie. 

By connecting with guests with compassion and concern, waxologists go above and beyond. Not only has there been no turnover in employees, but guests also keep frequenting Radiant Waxing. “We’ve had people coming into Radiant Waxing for several years now,” notes Carrie. This speaks volumes about their level of customer satisfaction. 

If you’re new to Radiant Waxing, be sure to check out their BOGO. Carrie advises new clients to book the most expensive service because the next service is free, for the most value for their money.

Community Engagement and Giving Back
Radiant Waxing actively contributes to the community by donating to fundraisers and participating in local events. Gift cards are given to those in need, emphasizing a commitment to supporting the community. With membership programs and series options, Radiant Waxing encourages regular visits for less painful and quicker sessions.

Roots in Michigan, Blossoming in Colorado
A Michigan native, Carrie has called Colorado home for a significant portion of her life. Having lived in Denver for 42 years, she cherishes the community spirit in Southmoor Park, where she has resided for 23 years. Her family, including her husband of 35 years (which was the “best decision” she ever made), two adult children Elizabeth and Matthew, and their “perfect” dog Gwen, make Denver home sweet home. Carrie explains, “We love exploring Denver, trying new restaurants, getting together with friends, and going to the mountains.” 
Their two children are making their own mark in the world. “Elizabeth just finished her doctorate program in Occupational Therapy and will be getting married in August 2024,” says Carrie proudly. “My son Matthew is a Project Manager and lives with his partner Katie, who works in the nonprofit world and also runs a floral design business.”
Personal Pastimes

Other pastimes include Pilates, walking, and exploring stained glass, she finds joy in diverse activities. However, the business demands significant attention, with two salons, including the newest one in Greenwood Village, keeping her engaged. However, Carrie still has time for her book club and to travel as her schedule permits.

A Glowing Future for Radiant Waxing
As their Glendale Chamber for Denver continues to support local businesses, Radiant Waxing looks toward a bright future. Carrie's belief in her business and her gratitude for the dedicated teams that work with her fuel the salon's success. With an open-door policy and a commitment to the community, Radiant Waxing is not just a salon; it's a destination where beauty meets warmth.

For More Information:
Radiant Waxing
1000 South Colorado Blvd, Suite 106 
Denver, CO 80246