Tips to Renew Your Space This Summer

Summer has arrived, and it’s a great time to renew and refresh a space or two in your home. Even though this task can sometimes feel daunting, fear not, because I have some helpful tips to share.

Let’s start with the space you spend the most time in - for me, it’s the back den. I actually renamed it my Virginia room because since that’s where I’m from, I have things in there that remind me of home.

The best place to start when decorating is to clear the space of as many items as possible. When only large furniture is left, decide if you want to move it around. The worst that can happen is you move it back but had the chance to sweep up some crickets and dust bunnies. Then, slowly add only the things that make your heart and soul happy. Step back and decide if you need anything new.

Here are some things that help a space sing and that are easy on the budget:

A well-placed mirror makes a space seem bigger and brighter. If you don’t have one, go to garage sales or take an old picture you don’t love and have a glass company put a mirror in it, and wall-ah - wall happy!

(****Insert Mirror image)

The next thing is a green plant. If you have one that just looks tired, replace it. A friend once told me, “Jeanne, it’s the price of a steak, for goodness sake!” (Well, maybe two steaks these days…)
Next, either replace or re-cover a few throw pillows as this can instantly make the space feel fresh, and it’s not permanent.

(******Insert Plant Photo)

Along this same line is an area rug. Depending on the size you need, these can be a bit pricey, so shop Estate sales, or better yet, tape off the area to be covered, measure, and head out to one of those floor places on Reno and pick out a remnant. They will cut and bind it for you and you have saved some money to be used for that well-placed plant!

(*****Insert Living Room Pic)

Remember-your space, your style. Do that which makes you feel joy upon walking in.

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