The Cockrells


Photo courtesy of Scott Roylance

Oklahoma natives Amanda and Nemija “Nemo” Cockrell seem to be destined to be together. They met on a blind date, but ironically not with each other.  Amanda was on a blind date with someone who took her to Iguana, a popular Mexican restaurant, after she shared that she loves Tequila as it’s thought of as the best tequila bar around.

Bored on her date and on her way back from the restroom, she noticed a man sitting alone at the bar. Amanda approached him and said, “Would you like to take a shot of tequila?”  After their chance encounter, Nemo told the bartender that if she ever came in there again to let him know, and the rest is history.

The Cockrells are married with two beautiful children.  The oldest is their eight-year-old daughter, Mia, who loves playing soccer and basketball.  Their youngest daughter, Gigi, just turned six and is also an athlete who just started playing basketball in addition to taking ballet lessons and playing the piano.  Their family also includes their dog, Otis, and their cat, Mr. Kitty.

They have lived in the neighborhood since 2017.  “When we first moved onto our block, there were no other children, but since then, it has grown, and now there is a wonderful family atmosphere,” said Amanda.  

Each street has its special attributes and they love being in the area.  

“We love the history, the trees, and the ability to walk everywhere.  Some restaurants are within walkable distance and I don’t think there are any other neighborhoods like that, not in Oklahoma City anyway,” said Nemo.

Nemo and Amanda keep themselves busy, to say the least, with their two companies. Nemo’s nearly 25 years of experience in flooring led to his entrepreneurial spirit taking things to the next level.  They own a hardwood flooring company called Baseline Sport Floors.  They do the flooring for the Thunder, the Spurs, OSU, and around 100 public school districts throughout the state. He also has a residential hardwood floor company, and with that business, they work on new and older flooring with residential refinishing, remodels and new construction. 

When they aren’t busy working, these self-proclaimed lake rats spend their time as a family at a lake house.  They go multiple times throughout the year and spend a significant amount of time there during the summer to relax and spend quality time with their daughters doing what they love most which is spending time outdoors.   While they also love to travel and visit kid-friendly destinations, the entire family would prefer to be at the lake.