Harmony Pickleball Night at the Picklr

Leslie Potkanowicz, Hollyn Engel, Grace Alessi, Liz Javernick, Phil Goldstein

Harmony’s pickleball-playing community took its game on the road recently. On November 29th, The Picklr in Loveland hosted 28 members of Harmony for an evening of indoor pickleball, catered food, drinks and socializing.
For the two-plus hours of the fun event, Picklr’s courts were reserved exclusively for Harmony members—both experienced and novice players—for open play and with Loveland Picklr co-owner Kyle Yates, reigning men's U.S. Pickleball Open doubles champion and former World #1, who’s based in Denver.
Other partners in the Loveland Picklr are Jim Lautzenheiser and Randy Halfpop of Fort Collins and Chad Preiss, a Timnath resident who lives in Harmony. The four Loveland Picklr partners have a development agreement with the Utah-based Picklr parent company under which this group will own and operate two more Picklr facilities, likely including one in Fort Collins next year, and franchise another 13 facilities throughout Colorado and Wyoming over the next few years.
Timnath has four pickleball courts in the Harmony Club, two in the Trailside Development, six which just opened in the town’s Community Park, and four more pending in the soon-to-be constructed WildWing Park. Given Timnath’s growing reputation for its many premier outdoor pickleball facilities, a connection with The Picklr, the area’s premier indoor facility, seemed a natural for the Harmony membership, with this event providing that link.
Invited Harmony members and guests attending the event were: Michael Malone, Ashwin Ganta, Hollyn Engel, Jeannie and Jeff Herrell, Tina and Mike McCrery, Leslie Potkanowicz, Joni Schur, Susan and Robert Wolf, Lisa and Paul Carlton. Kelly and Pete Rigano, Barb Mulch, Rick Morgan, Brenda Iwamura, Rafael Bustillo, Grace and Rick Alessi, Brian Gonzales, Liz Javernick, Marji Trinen, Laurie King and Theresa Unfug.
Harmony Pickleball Night at the Picklr was organized in conjunction with The Picklr by Harmony residents Phil and Amy Goldstein. Their invitees included the many Harmony members with whom they’ve had the pleasure of connecting via teaching, coaching and playing. For lessons and/or to learn about upcoming Harmony member-related pickleball events at The Picklr and elsewhere: philgoldstein1@gmail.com.