The Halle House

We’ve enjoyed our updates so much and it feels like us…like home!

Family member names: Jason, Cortney, Ace, and Xander Young

Street address: 2208 Lake Page Dr.

How long have you lived in this house? 
Almost two years

What is unique about your house? 
We wanted to work with the classic colonial style of the house while incorporating our love for clean lines and open spaces.

What rooms did you decorate? 
As Jason says, “There isn’t a surface of this house we didn’t touch.”  All of the bathrooms were completely redone.  We painted and removed the popcorn ceilings.   Electrically, we replaced 100% of the lights, fans, switches, and outlets.  We replaced all of the flooring, except the wood in the living room and kitchen.  We gutted the entire laundry room and started over.  In the kitchen, we kept about half of the existing cabinets, but expanded the island, refaced the cabinets, installed new counters, and replaced the appliances.  

What is your favorite room in the house and why? 
We fell in love with the sunroom (lake view!) sight unseen. The paned windows remind us of Cortney’s grandparents’ historic Kansas farmhouse. A bluebird friend, lovingly named Bluey, pecks on the corner window every morning for most of the year. The herons and egrets are so majestic! Moving from Arizona, we crave the sun; it’s now where we spend the majority of our time.

Did you decorate the entire house at one time or was it a long-term project? 
We remodeled nearly the entire home over six months in early 2020.  Jason says it’s Cortney that doesn’t like to have a mess or do without working sinks/toilets/appliances etc.  But, it’s actually Jason who, once started on a project, works hard until it’s completed.  

Did you design or decorate it yourself? If not, which company did you use?  
We came up with the remodeling designs on our own.  Cortney picked all the colors and finishes.  Jason installed the electrical and did most of the work other than paint and tile.  We hired out all of the tile work, and Rios Painting (901-201-2203) repainted the entire interior.  

What was your inspiration? 
Cortney is known to scroll house design hashtags on Instagram, pin ideas via Pinterest, and binge-watch Dream Home Makeover. For the Christmas décor, Cortney’s mom Sandy was the inspiration.   As a renowned wedding and event planner, her expertise and eye for detail brought our Christmas decoration assortment together.

If you could do it all over again, would you change anything? 
Not a thing!

Do you have a favorite decorating store? 
Pottery Barn

What advice would you give to someone looking to spruce up their own living space? 
Go for it! We’ve enjoyed our updates so much and it feels like us…like home!