Fiona and Macintosh

My name is Fiona, but my parents, Jon Sloss and Susan Snodgrass, call me Fi, and my sister Macintosh mostly goes by Tosh. Even though we're both miniature schnauzers who were named after female detectives from TV shows, she's not my sister by birth – I came from a breeder in Indiana, while she came from a breeder here in Wilmington. Still, she's definitely been my sister ever since Jon and Susan brought her home four years ago, hoping to cheer me up when some health problems were bringing my energy levels pretty low. Tosh helped me become so much more spunky that our parents often say that I act more like the family puppy now, even though I'm five years older than Tosh!

That energy comes in handy when we're protecting our home from invading squirrels by chasing them out of the yard or taking long hikes in all the wonderful parks around our house. We have our quiet moments, too, though, like snuggling and watching TV with Jon and Susan. Sometimes we even get to watch Burn Notice, which inspired my name, or Shetland, the Scottish show that gave Tosh hers.

We think Jon and Susan are great pet parents – they cook special food just for us! – and they think we are smart, sweet, attentive, great companions. Still, if you're looking to get a dog, they recommend that you first do some research to determine what breed best suits your lifestyle. After all, we dogs have our own preferences and styles, too, you know?