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Sahiba Bassi, professional organizer

Sahiba Bassi started Declutter Bee in September 2020. She is a professional organizer who actually enjoys decluttering, sorting and organizing, and helping her clients de-stress about all of it. Why? Decluttering can be very, very overwhelming, especially when done alone. Most people either don't start projects at all or start them with lofty goals in mind, then they just get tired and give up. 
Sahiba runs her business differently than others in her field. Rather than only doing the work for them, she shares the workload. “I partner with my clients in their journey to declutter and organize, breaking down tasks, keeping them focused and cheering for them at the end of the day. My business mission is to work with clients to reduce their anxiety by helping them get and stay organized.” It’s the concept of teaching a man to fish … and we think that’s pretty cool. Plus, having a work buddy (who is nonjudgmental) is a nice bonus.

Decluttering might be overwhelming, but it can also be liberating. In many cases, it’s done as an ongoing activity where lifestyle changes are made. No one is suggesting becoming a minimalist — that’s a whole other concept. Whether it’s for home or office, Sahiba has found that people hold onto a lot of things they simply do not need. “Not everything needs to be trashed either. I am a huge believer in giving things a second life. I always recommend to my clients that if something is in good or gently used condition, it’s quite satisfying to donate it. There are too many people who do not have the means to buy something like that. This makes the client feel less anxious about letting go of their belongings. I will haul away the donations for them and bring them to different local charities. All of this is something we talk through in advance.” Sahiba also volunteers at Hope Alliance, a charity that supports women/men/family members suffering from emotional and physical violence. This organization is dear to her heart and the recipient of some of her client donations.
“I have had multiple career highs,” she adds, “and no two clients are alike. One high was while working with a lady who had just lost her mother. I was having a tough time going through her belongings because the client was still very emotionally raw after her loss. I took away her stress by sorting through her mother's belongings; categorizing everything; helping her decide what to keep, trash or donate; and by digitizing some important papers. I listened, too. I knew I was there to help her manage the task, one she thought was impossible, but she really appreciated the companionship. While I loved working with this client and all ended well, I have faced another situation when a client was facing extreme distress and they needed a more qualified person (therapist, doctor) to help with what they were going through.

"Another great highlight was when I helped a newly married couple blend their belongings in a space once owned by one of them. I helped them figure out ways to live and communicate with each other clearly while we decluttered, organized and optimized the small space to better function as their home and office. We even created a space for their individual hobbies.

"Lastly, I was coaching a client who was starting a new business. She was very intelligent but had low self-esteem and confidence. Through coaching, she learned to trust herself and her actions, and she became less overwhelmed with the many tasks involved with the start-up.”

So, what does it take to be a successful professional organizer? Believe it or not, hundreds of hours of course study and hundreds of hours of paid, practical experience. Sahiba is a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing and is a specialist in residential organizing and household management. She has also completed strength-based coaching. In this industry, a lot of professional organizers have a niche. Sahiba says she doesn’t really have a niche, per se. She calls herself a “generalist” and will work with anyone needing an extra pair of hands. She also has a clear mission — to help reduce her clients' anxiety that comes from decluttering projects. She can offer a wider variety of services with that mission in mind. It’s important to her that people know she’s very resourceful and will go out of her way to help her clients. She offers complimentary consultations, in-person services working side-by-side, done-for-you organizing, coaching for emotional decluttering and DIY action plans. Sahiba is in the process of diversifying as well as putting a team together for larger projects, too.

“I love Leander and the Crystal Falls neighborhood because it's such a close community. The people are always there to support each other,” she has noticed. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you a busy professional who just doesn’t have enough time in the day (or staff) to get everything done? Are you a pack rat? Sahiba’s services just don’t come any more local than this! She would love to earn your business if you have a need. Visit for a virtual introduction. Email Sahiba at or call direct at 617-657-3553 for more information.