Meet Harley

Tell me about yourself, Harley.
For starters, I’m a Sheepadoodle, which is an Old English sheepdog mixed with a poodle.
My breeder was in Virginia, and I was flown to my new family’s house by cargo in October of 2013. I’m 9 years old, and my birthday is Aug. 14. My owners say I’m a great dog and I was easy to train. I love people and (most) dogs. However, I am a little leery of dogs with cropped tails unless I meet the owners first.
I love to sleep at the top of the stairs, so I’m in between all my people’s bedrooms. In the morning, my mom tells me when it’s finally time … to wake up Grace! I run back upstairs, open Grace’s door and wake her up by wagging my tail on the door. And if the noise doesn’t wake her, then my kisses will! I wish that Jack wouldn’t keep his door shut because I would love to wake him up, too.
Tell me a fun fact about yourself.
Every time I run down the stairs, my tail goes in circles like a helicopter. I can’t help it! Maybe one day I’ll take off. Another fun fact is that I love the snow! I love playing in it and even like to eat it. The only not-so-great thing is that the snow clumps up into little ice balls on my fur. Ouch!
Something else I love to do is play baseball with the kids in the backyard. Any time someone hits the ball, I grab it and chase the person running while keeping the ball in my mouth. I should be a pro!
If you had a life motto, what would it be?
That’s easy, “Love God, Love Others.”
What is your favorite snack? 
I love to chew on elk antlers and marrow bones. And after dinner, I’m extra helpful by pre-rinsing all of the dishes in my family’s dishwasher. I should get an allowance for that!
Is there else you’d like to share with me, Harley?
I love when people come over. It’s so nice that everyone who walks through the front door is here to see me. As soon as I see them heading our way, I grab a toy in my mouth to greet them.
Bonus Q&A
Harley, if you were a superhero, what superpower would you have?
  1. Telekinesis.
  2. Flying.
  3. Teleportation.
  4. Shape-shifting — although I already fit perfectly between the couch cushions, on the chairs and everywhere else I’m not supposed to lay.
Amelia is a fifth grader at Ben Franklin Elementary School, where science and math are her favorite subjects. Amelia plays softball, enjoys singing and playing the piano, and is a Tae Kwon Do black belt. She’s the oldest of three sisters and has a cute but naughty Spanish water dog named Ajax.