Meet lynn & Abby Hamor

My grandparents, Lynn and Abby Hamor, have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
Through the decades, their love has only grown stronger. Their friendship and dedication to one
another have formed a beautiful family. They are the perfect example of a loving couple.
Lynn and Abby both graduated from Central Dauphin High School, but they did not
know each other there. They met at Shippensburg University in the fall of 1968. Lynn was a
freshman, and Abby was a sophomore. They had fun going to dances together in college.
After dating for five years, Lynn and Abby got married. Their wedding was at Grace
Church in Penbrook, PA on August 18, 1973. For their honeymoon, they went to the Poconos
and camped in a pup tent throughout the New England states.
In February of 1977, their daughter, Corrie Eleze, was born. Corrie says her mom was
always a good listener, and she remembers her dad once told her, “When you make a decision it doesn’t have to be forever.” She also says her parents put her before themselves. She remembers traveling with her parents as a kid to places such as Bermuda, California, and Colorado. She is an only child, so her parents were her best friends.
Not only have Lynn and Abby been married for 50 years, but they also have lived in the
neighborhood for 35 years. They moved into their house in 1988 over Easter vacation. They loved the neighborhood because it is quiet and close to everything. They also liked that it was located in a quaint mountain setting. Abby also really liked the kitchen. It has a very nice island, and, at the time, it had plaid wallpaper, which she
loved. Their daughter, Corrie, her husband, Tim, and her two daughters currently live in Forest
Hills as well.
One of Lynn and Abby’s favorite things to do is spend time with their granddaughters!
Kenzie Eleze (me!) is 15, and Kelsie Lynn is 6. Because Lynn and Abby are both retired, they
can spend a lot of time with them. They love dancing with the girls to music such as Kidz
Bop, songs from movies, and much more. Kelsie says she loves that they always play
whatever she and her sister want. Lynn even plays girly things with them, such as Barbies and
dress-up. The girls call Abby, Gunky, and Lynn, Pop Pop. Lynn and Abby say, “There is nothing
better than spending time with our girls.”
Being married for 50 years, Lynn and Abby have great marriage advice. They say you
should marry your best friend and enjoy spending time together. They have been together so
long, yet they are still best friends and love being together. They also say having a Christian faith makes their marriage strong. Lynn and Abby are both very close to God, and they pass on God’s love to everyone around them.