Principle Skills Relationship Center

The Art and Science of Love

Lisett Fernandez photo cred: Casa Bay Photography

My name is Caralee Frederic and I’m excited to introduce you to my therapy practice “Principle Skills Relationship Center” in Colorado Springs, CO. I am the owner, Caralee Frederic, LCSW, CGT, SRT.  I've been married to my husband Eric for 28 years, living in CO for the past 18. We have three sons, 23, 21 and 17, and our dog, Kenji - all of whom are the center of my world! 

At Principle Skills Relationship Center, we are a specialty marriage therapy clinic. We specialize in offering marriage/couples therapy using the Gottman Method, based on over 40 years of rigorous evidence-based data, developed by Dr's John and Julie Gottman. We also specialize in working with couples recovering from betrayals, such as affairs, addictions, and escalated conflict. We offer Discernment Counseling for "Couples on the Brink," where one or both are considering divorce or separation - a brief, short-term intervention to help couples look at all their options from every angle. We offer the two-day Gottman couples' workshop, "The Art and Science of Love," several times/a year for all couples and therapeutic support groups for women recovering from betrayal trauma. Our customers are primarily couples in all stages of their relationship, from premarital to highly distressed, and everyone in between. We also see individuals, who either need extra support recovering from betrayal trauma or who want to work on improving themselves. Other therapists also seek us out for training in the Gottman method for all 3 levels of training in the Gottman method.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2002, I have worked in agencies and private practice for most of my career. I became Certified in the Gottman method, a Master trainer for The Gottman Institute, Certified as a Sexual Addiction Recovery and Betrayal Trauma therapist and Certified as a Discernment Counseling therapist. I have offered the “Art and Science of Love” Gottman couples workshop for the past 8 years.  Four years ago, I realized I needed to expand to meet the needs of so many couples, as I was constantly full and referring out, which was difficult, because people in distress wanted both the Gottman method and the addiction recovery specialties, and nobody else was offering both. I now have the best team! Everyone is passionate about our couples’ work and dedication to offering excellent marriage therapy. All are trained in Gottman therapy and on track to become certified, as well as offering their unique specialties. Our goal is to have a team big enough that when clients call for an appointment, they can be scheduled right away, rather than waiting on a long waitlist to be seen. It takes enormous courage to call for help, and we want to honor that by being available when needed. Our team includes Amanda Linan, LCSW, CST, who “takes a holistic and compassionate approach to therapy, specializing in sex therapy”; Mimi Chough, LMFT, our “Minnesota branch,” offering telehealth in CO and in-person in MN and specializes in military life, blended families, and trauma; Kara Facundo, LPCC, who “specializes in betrayal trauma recovery and EMDR” and “is passionate about helping clients navigate the complexities of life"; and Lisett Fernandez, MFTC, who is “passionate about working with couples and the rewarding experience of seeing breakthroughs in communication patterns, listening skills, and showing empathy towards one another”; Christa Wells is our amazing office manager and coordinator for the couples’ workshops; and Kristi Havenar is our friendly receptionist and scheduler extraordinaire, keeping our schedules as full as we can bear.
We know not everyone needs or wants marriage/couples therapy, which is why we offer couples’ workshops. Couples experience these as an intense weekend date or retreat, where they get to work together, with our support, to learn a new skill set and the research that backs it up.  If you can’t get in right away with a member of our team, consider joining us at our next workshop! You’ll walk away with actionable steps to improve your relationship immediately. Then, whether you decide to work with one of our team or elsewhere, your progress will be that much more efficient and effective. We believe in what we do, and we believe in you!