McCrory Circle Block Party

With the pandemic somewhat in our rear-view mirror, the residents of McCrory Circle were anxious to get together with their neighbors, many of whom moved to Fairvue during the past two years of social distancing.  Some of the residents have informally met in driveways in the last year or so with chairs six feet apart, but everyone was anxious for a full-scale get-together.  

Mark and Cindy Ohlmann decided the time was right for a big McCrory block party in the inner circle of McCrory on May 14. The Ohlmann’s organized the event, and 23 McCrory families came out for the festivities, which included a covered dish dinner, live entertainment, and bourbon tasting competition. It was a BYOB event, but the good news was that everyone could walk home. The Ohlmann’s friends, Brent Ronen and Mark Gallant provided the entertainment playing hits from the last 50 years. There were about 12 entries in the bourbon tasting contest, with Mark and Lindsay Denny’s “Elmer T Lee” bourbon being selected as the favorite. By the way, it was my favorite as well. 

It was great meeting new and existing neighbors and learning more about how everyone survived the pandemic. All agreed this needs to be a regular occurrence and, in fact, the next block party is being planned for August!