Meet Pat and Tommy Foster’s Dog


Tommy and Pat Foster

Teddy’s proper name is William Theoda King Foster – whew! He is a Chow and was born December 21, 2015, in Tennessee and is a cinnamon/fawn color. The dam was black and born in Tennessee; the sire was cinnamon/fawn and born in China. 
The Chow originated in China in the early 1900s. A Chow is affectionate and devoted to their family but will accept a stranger when properly introduced by his family. Chows come in five colors: shaded/self-red, black, blue, cream, and cinnamon/fawn. All Chows have a purple/blue/black tongue. No other breed has that color tongue.
Teddy doesn’t have any toys because he is scared of them, especially if they make a noise. Milk bones are his treat, and he enjoys sitting outside and watching the world go by. He has lots of friends in Gracie Lake, especially the ladies.
When he needs to come in from outside, Teddy will come to the back door and wait for them to wipe off his paws before he comes into the house. If he needs to go out, eat, or needs water, he will come to Pat and put his paw on her knee.
Teddy loves to go visit their oldest daughter, Kim, on her horse farm. She has an Australian Shephard named JoJo, and Teddy loves to play with her. The last time Teddy stayed with Kim, he figured out that he could push the screen door open and escape to the outside, and JoJo went, too! Their adventure took them to the horse barn. Teddy still can’t figure out what those large four-legged animals are! He has so much fun and exercise that it takes him two or more days to rest after all the excitement of running wild!