Frozen at Essex Fells School

Once again the Essex Fells Foundation for Educational Excellence has sponsored another magical and unforgettable musical. Nothing can stop Essex Fells School from providing its youngest members with lifelong memories of fun and unique experiences. After practicing for two and a half months, the fourth to sixth graders were determined to showcase their talents in Frozen, Jr. The crucial lesson from Frozen Jr. is to embrace all while exemplifying the power of love. Olaf says it best, “Only the act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.” Thank you, Olaf! Even though winter can be bitterly cold and harsh, the cast and crew felt the warmth of their teachers as they taught them self-expression, confidence, and perseverance through it all.

This spectacular show included incredible set designs, a professional sound and lighting system, and a dusting of crystalline snow that covered the stage. As the audience entered the gymnasium, it felt like a winter wonderland decorated with white paper snowflakes made by all the students in this magnificent K-6 school. For over 15 years, the teachers of Essex Fells have been an inspiration while offering their talents and support to provide the cast and crew with this invaluable experience. “Let it Go” is more than just a title; it teaches us all to release our fears and embrace our own true selves. Congrats, cast, and crew!