The Kids at JEM Learning are Having Fun on the Farm

Special events like Unicorn Tea Parties, Dinosaur Fossil Digs, and Gemstone Mining are not the typical events you might expect to find at a barn.  But JEM Equestrian is so much more than a typical barn.  Thanks to the creativity of Ellen Arcese and Meghan King, JEM Learning, a year-round program, is a magical environment for kids to experience an alternative to the current curriculum provided by public schools.  
Initially, a preschool program created by Meghan during Covid, JEM Learning centers around encouraging children to learn through discovery with a sense of purpose and security.  The team of teachers bring years of experience from a veteran homeschool mom to, a Duxbury native herbalist, reiki practitioner, teen mentor and a music lovin' educator from south shore charter school.  
Beyond reading, writing, math and history, children are engaged with yoga, music, and sign language as well as micro classes such as anatomy, sewing, electronics and, of course, barn life.  Kids also take field trips to Battleship Cove, Space Exhibits and so much more.
The sense of purpose also aligns with JEM’s role as a second location for the animal rescue sanctuary, Don’t Forget Us, Pet Us which aims to inspire compassion for animals through education, adoption, and personal connections.  Apple Jack, adopted in 2014 from the sanctuary, inspired an ongoing friendship with founder Deb Bell and continues to inspire all who meet him at the barn.