Are you Ready to Go Premier?

Evolution of a Company That Always Puts Customer First

The story of Premier starts in 1992, when after years working as an electrician, Paul D. Foley Jr made the decision to go into business for himself and start his first company, Paul Foley Electric. Paul and his team were working on everything from fire alarm work, to gas stations; generators to residential home wiring.   Whatever somebody needed, Paul and his crew were more than willing to help.  Paul was dedicated to his customers, making sure they had the highest level of service he could provide. He worked hard to build a team of employees who were as dedicated as he was.
Through lots of hard work and amazing customer service, Paul and company were able to make headway into a somewhat niche industry where their years of electrical experience and network of customer relationships could be leveraged into additional work: home standby generators.  Since Superstorm Sandy in October of 2012, home generator ownership had steadily been on the rise, and this untapped market needed new partners. While the electrical industry was familiar to the PFE team, the world of home standby generators offered new and intriguing challenges and opportunities for Paul and for his team. Not satisfied with just being good enough, Paul took his time researching different manufacturers to see not only who made the best product, but who would be the best partner and best fit for the culture his company had come to embrace over the years. Ultimately that journey led to a relationship with Kohler and the creation of Premier Generator.  While generators were the primary focus, Paul Foley Electric was still kept intact to serve all of the loyal people who had relied on the PFE team to fulfill their electrical needs.
In 2023, after several years of success in the generator industry, Paul and his team were eager to find additional ways that they could share the Premier brand with more people. After attending a Massachusetts code review class where the concept of “electrification” was a hot topic, Paul began to take an interest in a new avenue: Ductless Mini Split HVAC Systems. Burgeoning MassSave incentives and even federal incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act had created a demand for electric heat pump installers.  Once again drawing on years of electrical expertise and unmatched customer service that had become the calling card of Premier Generator and Paul Foley Electric, Paul jumped at the opportunity to diversify the portfolio of offerings he could share with his customers, and Premier Air was born. With expert installations and quickly becoming a MassSave HPIN Partner, Premier was once again set up for long-term success.
Now offering so many diverse services, Paul and the team recognized the need for brand cohesiveness.   If customers don’t know what services you offer, how can they keep coming back for more?  So, as a means to unify all of the Premier companies under a single brand whose name would become synonymous with high-level customer service and the best products in the industry, Paul created Premier Energy Solutions; a one-stop shop for all of your energy needs.  
Throughout the years, Paul and his team have only ever had one goal in mind: “always put the customer first.” Whether they need a generator, HVAC or a charging station for their new Electric Vehicle, customers choose Premier because of the relationship they build from the moment they first answer the phone.  They are choosing a brand that offers the best products, top-quality turnkey installations and the highest level of customer service you can get.  A brand that will not stop until our customer is completely satisfied.  But most importantly, a brand that gives them peace of mind knowing Premier will be there for them whenever they need help.  
So if you are looking for a partner to help with your generator, electrical or HVAC needs, ask yourself this simple question…Are you ready to go Premier?  

Learn more at or by calling them at (508) 625-9470.