Inside the Game: A Glimpse into the Soccer Journey of DSHS Senior Lily Stocks

What's your favorite sport to play?

Soccer. I have been playing club soccer with NEFC (New England Football Club) since 2nd grade and with Dover Sherborn Soccer Club since Kindergarten.

What inspired you to get started with soccer?

I got into soccer from my dad, who coached my town team from Kindergarten to 7th grade. He played soccer growing up in Germany, so watching and playing soccer was a big part of my childhood. 

What position do you play?

I play outside back. I used to play attack but got switched to outside back in fourth grade and never moved back. 

What do you enjoy most about playing soccer?

I love the competition. Because soccer is such a popular sport there are a lot of dedicated teams that are tough competition throughout the season and, as a sport played around the world, there are many talented players to compete with and against -- especially when competing against clubs and for collegiate spots.  

What is your proudest moment and who do you have to thank for helping you get there?

I have two proudest moments throughout my soccer career. First, was winning the Girls Academy National Championship in 2021 with my NEFC team. This was a big moment for my whole team as our season spanned from November to July and we played a lot of strong club teams that gave us difficult games throughout our tournament run. My second proudest moment was when I committed to play D1 soccer at Northeastern University. This was a super huge moment for me, as it had always been my dream to play in college. I can thank my parents for helping me through my recruiting process, as it took a lot of time and patience traveling to tournaments, ID camps, and visits.  

Who is someone that inspires you and why?

I am inspired by my high school coaches, Evren and Tara Gunduz. They work super hard in season and off-season to establish great core values and a positive environment for our team. High school season is so fun for me because of the coaches that hold us to high standards yet, always keep a positive attitude when we have an off game or face a loss and I am positive that is why we are such a successful team. My relationship with both Evren and Tara has been so great the past four years, and I am grateful for the positive mindset they have instilled in me that I will carry with me as I go into college. 

What goals do you have for the upcoming season?

Club season is always super competitive, so I am excited to get better at playing with and against really talented players. As I head into a 10-month club season, I am focused on improving my fitness to preparing for college soccer. College move-in is July 30th and I want to be as fit as possible going into fitness testing and ready to play up to the level of my future teammates. 

Beyond sports, what else do you like to do? Are you involved with any other extracurricular activities?

I don’t have time for much else besides soccer, but I do manage the Dover-Sherborn girls lacrosse team in the spring and love traveling to new places with my family on breaks.