Electrifying Success: Dover Resident Walter Nowicki's Personal Journey Towards Small Business Excellence

Walter Nowicki Junior (left) and Senior of Nowicki Master Electricians

I grew up in Watertown, MA which is where my journey into the world of electrical trades began. It started with part-time jobs in high school that continued as I worked my way through college which is where I decided there was a brighter future in the trades. I honed my skills through apprenticeships at prominent Boston companies until my sideline jobs eclipsed my regular income. That's when the idea of launching my venture sparked.

Initially, I thought managing larger companies was the way forward, but I soon realized controlling your product and image with many employees and personalities was challenging. The turning point came in 2000 when we settled in Dover and my son Walter was born. Downsizing my operations, I discovered the beauty of a small, close-knit business model. I find it much more rewarding to run a small business because I get to meet all my customers and know exactly what they are expecting and what they hired us to do. My team is intentionally small and that is my niche: Personal service. This approach and the quality of our work has contributed to the many word-of-mouth referrals we have received.

Dover is a unique, rural community that can be subject to frequent power outages. Dover homes feature great attention to detail and our work must be commensurate with that standard. A large percentage of Dover homes are serviced by private wells and sewer systems that need electricity to function and can benefit from a backup generator. Many Dover families do their part by driving electric vehicles which need charging receptacles. We have extensive experience with these local situations.  We've also cultivated partnerships with interior designers and custom home builders, seamlessly integrating our electrical expertise into their projects.

In 2019, the legacy took root as my son, Walter Jr., stepped into our family business, gearing up to lead in the future.
Our advice to Dover residents? Safeguard your homes with surge protection, fortify with backup generator systems, and embrace mesh Wi-Fi networks for flawless connectivity, especially in larger households.
Nowicki Master Electricians can be contacted at 508-785-9995 or you can follow them on Instagram at @DoverElectricians.