Meet Christine Collins Schwinger

A Buffalo native, Christine Collins Schwinger grew up around the financial services and investment industries, but they didn’t initially interest her for a future career path.
Instead, Christine pursued a degree in organizational psychology and became a benefits administrator in Washington, D.C.
It was in this role that she saw how little people knew about their finances and how great the need for financial literacy was.
Christine revisited her chosen career path, returned to Buffalo, obtained her MBA from Canisius College and, in 2005, joined her mother, Mary Collins Sanborn, at Collins Advisors, a full-service registered investment advisor that provides investment advice to individuals and businesses.
Christine represents the second generation of Collins Advisors LLC. Her clients include a wide range of individuals from novice to mature investors. She wants to work with anyone who wants to save money for the future, and also those who want to be unburdened by money.
“The market can be so stressful,” added Christine. “I’m able to provide the financial tools to provide peace of mind and lessen that stress.”
Showing her clients all the tools at her — and their—disposal, Christine develops custom portfolios specifically designed to suit her clients’ risk tolerances, ethical and social perspectives, and short- and long-term investment goals.
Christine’s professional mission is to build wealth for generations by promoting financial literacy and responsibility for families and small businesses.
Christine jokes that being a business owner is easy — you only have to work half days, and you get to choose which 12-hour shift you want.
She enjoys all aspects of financial planning, especially researching stocks and different industries, and the fact that each client has different needs, which makes every day unique and different.
Christine admires and respects her team at Collins Advisors. She works with them to grow their book of business and teach their clients to manage money the way Collins Advisors has perfected over the years.
Christine and her family have been longtime readers and supporters of Stroll Delaware Park. They live on Chatham Avenue.
Collins Advisors LLC is a full-service registered investment advisor providing investment advice to high-net-worth individuals, corporations and pension funds. Portfolios are managed in-house using their decades of experience and research. Collins Advisors builds long-term relationships with their clients and partners with them to achieve their distinctive financial goals. Visit or call 716-833-6338 for more information. 
In honor of National Women's Small Business Month, we asked Christine about being a small business owner and supporting other female-owned small businesses:
Stroll Delaware Park: What is your advice for other female entrepreneurs?
Christine Collins Schwinger: It’s cyclical. Continue to work with and hire other female entrepreneurs as much as you can.    
SDP: What or who has inspired your work? 
CCS: My mom, Mary Collins Sanborn. In addition to inspiring my work, she has inspired me to serve our community, demonstrating how powerful and what a wonderful existence you can create closer to home.
SDP: How do you support your fellow female business owners? 
CCS: By using their services, frequenting their businesses and spreading the word about their businesses everywhere I go.
SDP: How can your fellow female business owners support you? 
CCS: I’m taking on new clients, and if you’re interested in working with me, I would love for you to reach out. This is a supportive community without competition, and I love connecting with colleagues in my industry. I work with younger financial advisors to mentor them on researching stocks, working with clients and increasing financial literacy and education.

How To Find Financial Peace Of Mind In Our Current Turbulent Environment:
1. Stick to your strategy and talk to your financial advisor. In the financial world, life is long. My mom tells clients that when she started the business, the DOW Jones was 560 and is now in the low to mid 30,000. These long-term financial corrections are short-lived; if you are far from retirement, they are not goal-crushing.
2. Keep things simple in your life and focus on something not affected by inflation or rate hikes. Such as hiking, biking, organizing, fishing, being outdoors and spending time with friends and family. These are always valuable but never seem to cost more.
3. Get organized. Inflation causes headwinds, and it is an excellent time to hunker down, do a budget and stick to it. Budgeting is like diet and exercise. It is not always fun, but it must be done DAILY.
4. Paying attention to price increases and getting strategies on how to combat the price increase is critical. Is the grocery bill getting expensive? Maybe time to grow your lettuce or herbs. Or join a crop share. We usually don’t have time for these savings when we are out and about spending money.
5. I-bonds. That jar of quarters could return 9%. One incredible advantage of raising interest rates is the raising of interest rates. Take advantage. Empty those piggy banks and roll those old coins. Talk to your financial advisor about the pros and cons of opening an I-shares account.