Triple Dichotomy

Art at the Silos and Stroll Del Rio

From Left: Rod DeHart, Evan Porges, Emmanuel Valencia, Paul Harmon, and Aaron Valencia.

Putting together a neighborhood event to celebrate the rebranding of STROLL magazine for the Del Rio residents seemed like a fun project requiring a few simple variables. The surprise came when the variables came together as individual powerhouses that resulted in a night with infinite descriptions, not the least of which was terrific.

Heidi Kinzie, a local artist, was the featured guest whose art and personality brought visual extravagance and beautiful humanness that was a foundation for the entire evening.
Heidis' art spans genres from impressionism to expressionism and abstract originals, all of which were on brilliant exhibit, including a dramatic reveal of her latest series. The series was a stunning success if the crowd responses were any indication, and Heidi was bold enough to reveal more than just art that night. In a speaking moment, Heidi shared her humble beginnings and her heart for releasing the art and voice in all of us. Her beauty and vitality were shown in an honest stand-up comedy style that did not eclipse her gratitude for her family, her friends, and her mentors.

The venue for the night was exceptional on every level. Property owner Aaron Valencia contributed to the night by allowing STROLL to entertain their guests at his Modesto Silos site. Aaron's vision for revitalizing one of Modesto's iconic historical locations was the perfect backdrop for the night's event. His creation of a mysterious, sexy speakeasy-style venue out of a structure initially intended to house grain is a brilliant example of a mind that thinks so far beyond the average that it has become art itself. With plans for an entertaining outdoor space in its future, the Silos currently house the art of many types and a floor plan that is interesting and beautiful at every turn. The beauty in Aaron's gift of sharing the space is that it is not available to the public, so when the ambiance created itself this night, the warm welcome to friends was imparted by a man whose welcoming spirit is now in the footprint of the space.

If a great space and visual display were enough, we would have been all set, but the catalyst in our triple dichotomy for a perfect summer night was the layers of personalities and warmth from neighbors and friends. The guests were excited and vivacious and carried a sort of red carpet elegance to the vibe for the night. It was different and inspiring and a surprising departure from the Thursday night event the guests left their houses expecting.
Thank you to all who attended and contributed to a night that would have been less without you.

"I didn't want to come, and I don't want to leave."
                                                                     Guest forced by his wife to come.