Hailey Asselin

Name: Hailey Asselin
Age: 12
School/Occupation: Hopewell Elementary
Sport/Activity: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball
Position: Basketball – Post, Soccer – Center Defender, Volleyball – Middle Hitter
How long have you participated in this sport/activity?
Basketball – Since 2 nd grade – 5 years.
Soccer – Since 5 years old…7 years
Volleyball – Since 4 th grade – 2 years
What is your favorite teacher/mentor’s name? Mrs Linnenbrink – 4 th grade teacher
Who do you idolize in this sport/activity?
I don’t follow any specific athletes. I just love my own teams.

Where do you normally practice?
TBK for soccer, volleyball and basketball
PV Junior High for volleyball
Cody Elementary for basketball
Are you on a team? Yes.
Basketball – PV Elite, independent AAU team
Soccer – Sporting Iowa, U14 Girls Team
Volleyball – PV Club team

Have you met anyone famous in this sport/activity?
I haven’t met anyone famous personally, but we got to attend the Lynx WNBA
game and our team was introduced before the game on ESPN as part of the
Grand State Pacesetter tournament.
Have you traveled anywhere related to this sport/activity?
Yes, we travel a lot. Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Chicago, Cedar Falls, Iowa City, St
Louis, Kansas City, Minneapolis and all over Easter Iowa and Western Illinois.
What events have you participated in?
A lot of tournaments for each sport. We also play leagues for each sport.
I also participated in youth nights at PV High School girls games, open gyms, skills
I do camps in the summer for basketball, volleyball, and soccer. I also go to Loras
All Sports Camp in Dubuque.

What awards or honors have you won?
In 4 th Grade basketball , we qualified for the Pacesetters Grand State tournament
by winning the Iowa State Pacesetters tournament. At Grand State we
competed against the top two teams from the Minnesota, North Dakota, South
Dakota and Iowa tournaments. We played in the Championship at the Target
In 6 th Grade basketball, we won the 6 th Grade School Team State Championship in
Over 5 years, our basketball record was 140 – 20.
In 6 th Grade volleyball, we went to the Regional Qualifying State tournament, we
finished 6 th .

What have you learned from participating in this sport/activity?
I learned how to be a good teammate. I learned that it is important to put a lot
of effort in and collaborate. I learned to listen to my coaches and take their

What do you like the most about the sport/activity?
 Being with my friends and playing sports I love.

What is your favorite moment?
I don’t know, there are too many.

What do you plan on doing after graduating or future plans?

One tip for someone looking to get into this sport/activity:
Be open to trying new things, get out of yout comfort zone and work with your