Jack & Madison @ Sandy Beach Photo by Move Mountains Co.

Madison Sullivan & Jack Leffel -- May 7, 2023

How They Met:  Jack and Madison like to pretend that they met during their years as lifeguards at Sandy Beach, in a similar way to Jack’s grandparents. Although the real story starts after Madison moved back to Cohasset from Nashua, NH. Jack saw the new girl in the local convenience store, Tedeschi’s, walked over and formally introduced himself by shaking her hand in the bread aisle. For Madison and Jack, there was an instant spark. Within months, they were on Sandy Beach where Jack asked Madison to be his girlfriend on the 4th of July in 2012. Jack and Madison were high school sweethearts and continued their relationship throughout college. 

How He Proposed:
On August 28th, 2021, Madison and Jack returned to Sandy Beach for yet what would become another memorable milestone. Madison had been expecting to have brunch with the Leffel family when Jack received a call that their dad, John, had accidentally left his phone at Sandy Beach.  Madison and Jack took a quick detour and started heading down the boardwalk where the “fake phone” was supposedly left behind -- coincidentally in the same spot they started dating. Alarm bells started to go off for Madison!  Jack asked the most important question, and Madison said, ‘Yes!’ After they returned to the Leffel's house, Madison was surprised again to celebrate their engagement with her family who had flown in from different parts of the country. It was an incredible day!

Our Wedding Day:
"Both of us had always dreamt of an outdoor ceremony. The most perfect location based on the recurring location of our love story, was Sandy Beach, a place deeply important and sentimental to us. However, despite many summers lifeguarding side by side, we had never seen a wedding happen on the beach. We reached out to the Sandy Beach Association, on a wish and a prayer, the Association unanimously supported the idea."  Guests sat on benches on the sand as Jack’s childhood family friend officiated. After exchanging personal vows and the ceremony conclusion there was a confetti toss as the couple exited, of course with biodegradable confetti.

What's Next: "We stayed at the Sandals Resort in Grenada for one of the most luxurious weeks of our life.  We just signed on our dream home in Scituate, and we will be doing the next thing we have been dreaming of for years -- adopting a dog together."

Wedding Planner: Courtney Sarah Events

Sarah Mavilia Lee & Nate Lee -- April 22, 2023

Our Cohasset Connection: "My connection to this little harbor town goes back four generations. I grew up in Cohasset, my mom has lived in Cohasset her entire life, my grandparents still live in Cohasset in the little Cape my Grandpa built in the 1950s. I went to Cohasset Public Schools, where I met and became friends with my future wedding photographer."

How We Met: Flashback to Summer 2014, Sarah walked into a mutual friend's Cambridge apartment to celebrate her birthday, never expecting that she'd meet a stranger and their lives would be changed forever. "We had both gone to WPI and had a ton of the same friends, but because we had only overlapped for 1 year (his senior and her freshman) we somehow never met. We spent the next two months hanging out with friends until he finally had the courage to ask her out. We went to a little seafood restaurant in Worcester and spent the night chatting about our lives and families and ambitions until we got kicked out at close ... and the rest is history."

How He Proposed: Flash forward to summer 2021. The couple had just bought their first home in Hingham, MA. Two months later, Sarah and Nate went up to Vermont for a "quiet" weekend to celebrate Sarah’s birthday (and also seven years from the day they met). Saturday morning Sarah and Nate left the condo for a hike up the mountain. Nate proposed to Sarah on the top of Castlerock Peak at Sugarbush, VT. Nate's parents flew out a few days later and the whole family celebrated under one roof. 

How They Wed: "When it came time to decide where we wanted to host our wedding, we thought about one of our all-time trips together – 12 days white water rafting and camping through the Grand Canyon. This trip changed our lives forever and solidified our love for the desert. About a decade ago, Nate’s parents moved to a little mining town that sits on the border of Red Rock Conservation Area outside Las Vegas. On April 22, 2023, we said “I do” with the most stunning backdrop to a beautiful outdoor ceremony hosted on his parents' property. In true Earth Day fashion, a small herd of wild burros passed through as guests arrived."

What's Next: Nate and Sarah look forward to a honeymoon of hiking and beaching in the Azores later this summer.

Emily Robbins & Thomas Ford -- May 23, 2023

Our Cohasset Connection: "I grew up in Cohasset and have always found it to be a special little town. My now-husband is from Long Island but has started to love the South Shore!"

How We Met: "Tom had just moved to the area and was stationed at Coast Guard Station Point Allerton. One of our first dates was going to the New England Aquarium, which held a special place in our hearts." 

How He Proposed: "Tom proposed in the back of the Aquarium, near the seals, after dinner with friends in the North End. He got my family and some friends to come and surprise us afterward!"

How They Wed: "We got married at the Saphire Estate in Sharon. Memorial Day in Massachusetts can be so hit or miss, but we definitely lucked out. The weather could not have been more perfect.  Our most memorable moment is having all of our family and friends, who we love so much, all together in the same room for one night." 

What's Next: "Our post-wedding plans are to honeymoon in St. Lucia and then start looking for a house. Oh, and travel more!"

Abby Borell & Nick Hubley -- June 3, 2023

Our Cohasset Connection:
Raised in Medfield, MA, Abby was first introduced to Cohasset and Nick’s family during one of their most important Family Traditions: the Annual Rib Contest.  The event has the reputation of being fun, very delicious, very competitive, loud and confusing all at the same time. In the weeks following, Nick would take Abby to his favorite Cohasset spots like the Rock above the Lightkeepers, Bassings Beach, his schools and even where he lived as a child on Woodland Drive and Pond Street.

How We Met:
Abby and Nick's first date was dinner at Legal Sea Foods in Boston in 2018. Abby actually shared her entire meal with him, watching in awe at how easily he consumed and kept the conversation going at the same time. As their relationship began to take shape, it was Nick’s turn to be distracted by Abby’s kindness and natural culinary talents.    

How He Proposed: 
In August 2021, Nick proposed to Abby at Worlds End in Hingham. They immediately drove to Nick’s grandparents on Border Street to share the good news and celebrate. 

How They Wed:
Abby and Nick were married by her brother-in-law surrounded by just over 100 family members and close friends in the front yard of Nick’s family home, Red Fox Farm in Cohasset. Ten nieces and nephews participated in the wedding party, as did their much-loved mini-dachshund, Maya. The small farm setting provided the intimacy and customization that they were looking for, and each detail came to life to create a magical evening. Although Mother Nature had different ideas, with a cold, rainy, windy spin to the day, the dismal weather ironically cast an amazing backdrop to the love, light and happiness that shined very brightly that evening and was felt by all.  

Florist: Cohasset resident Leslie Armstrong of Olive James Bouquets
Wedding planner: Lauren Gouthro of Starborn Weddings & Events