The Aquatic Center & Track Complex at Mylan Park

Located in the heart of Morgantown, The Aquatic Center and Track Complex at Mylan Park has been making waves since its grand opening in 2019. This state-of-the-art facility has swiftly become a cornerstone of the community, catering to a diverse audience spanning generations.
As we take a closer look at their mission, programming, and events, it's clear that The Aquatic Center and Track Complex at Mylan Park is more than just a recreational facility; it's a vibrant community hub that welcomes all to dive into a healthier, more connected life.
Making Waves Through the Community 
From the moment you step into the facility, the atmosphere is welcoming. The Aquatic Center and Track Complex is a place where children, families, students, and seniors can come together to learn new skills, stay active, compete, and forge lifelong connections. Despite facing the initial challenges of opening right before the pandemic hit, it has emerged with a renewed commitment to the Park’s mission and vision - to enhance the quality of life for residents of North Central West Virginia, and to be recognized as one of the nation's premier full-service recreation, sport, social, health, and wellness complexes.
The state-of-the-art facility includes a fitness center, an F45 training facility, the Huntington Community Pool, outdoor splash pad, an Olympic-sized lane pool and dive well, and an eight-lane track complex. It not only hosts the community but also local, collegiate, and national competitions.
Something for Everyone
What sets The Aquatic Center and Track Complex apart is the commitment to serving the greater Morgantown area’s community members. Whether you're a parent looking for a fun night out with Parent's Night Off, a fitness enthusiast exploring F45 training, or a thrill-seeker ready to dive into scuba or kayaking lessons, this facility has something for you.
When visiting the Aquatic Center, you will experience endless opportunities to get moving. The most popular programs include Learn to Swim, Water Aerobics, drop-in fitness and seasonal camps. Additionally, they offer leagues and clinics to introduce children to staying active and competing at a young age with Hilltop Diving, Track & Field Clinics, and the Club Mountaineer Swim Team!  The Aquatic Center and Track Complex welcomes all to visit the facility and participate in any program or event; however, substantial discounts and exclusive benefits are offered to those who become members.
Throughout the year, The Aquatic Center at Mylan Park hosts unique events that provide the opportunity to connect, come together, and have fun! From the Keep Your Kids Movin’ Winter Event Series to the Great Balls of Fire Dodgeball Tournament and the Taste of Morgantown, there's always something exciting happening!
Outside of the annual events, the facilities are also available for rent to host your own event! From birthday parties to fundraisers – the center is a multipurpose use space that can accommodate each occasion.
Join the Mylan Park Community
For residents considering joining The Aquatic Center community, the advice is simple: take the plunge. Becoming a member not only grants full access to the impressive facilities at The Aquatic Center and Track Complex but also offers discounts for programs, classes, and events. Mylan Park recently introduced MyPark Plus+ Pass which allows a member to also have access to the New Sports Complex for pickleball, basketball and volleyball and even more fitness coming soon!
For more information, contact The Aquatic Center and Track Complex at Mylan Park by calling 304-933-2782, visiting, or reaching out via email at Stay connected on social media for the latest program updates and community events.