Leslie & Philip Jensen

Family members: Philip and Leslie, Keisha 33, Jessica 34, Kyley 35, dog Koda, and horse Bodee.
How long have you lived in Cave Creek? Where are you originally from? We are both originally from Minnesota—relocated to Cave Creek in 1999.
What do you like best about living in Cave Creek?  Social networking, horses, motorcycles, golf, local festivities, the rural feeling... and gorgeous views of the mountains, towering Saguaros, and nature. Also, whether you are wearing golf clothes, bathing suits, cowboy boots & spurs—or are dressed up to the max—you fit right in anywhere in Cave Creek. It is so unique that Cave Creek is a destination and not a thoroughfare on the way to somewhere else. In other words: the road stops in Cave Creek where all the fun always is!

What's your most memorable Cave Creek experience? I think my favorite memory about Cave Creek was one of the first town parades that I watched. I just couldn’t get over the incredible western theme and all the beautiful horses... and discovering Cave Creek's Johnny Ringo!
Describe how you’re involved in the Cave Creek community. Philip enjoys Cave Creek and all that it has to offer. He is also retired as a lieutenant Commander from the Maricopa County Posse group—which he was involved with for 9 years. I have volunteered for way to many things in the past 23 years including Wild West Days/Parade, Fiesta Days, Taste of Cave Creek, and representing the town of Cave Creek in the Fiesta Bowl Parade and Parada Del Sol. Always willing to help and assist where I can.
What do you like to do for fun? Hike, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, golfing, and working in the yard. Really, anything that life has to offer. Life is FUN and we want to enjoy it!
Favorite holiday tradition: Christmas decorating and having Oyster Stew on Christmas Eve.
Describe any recent and significant causes to celebrate. Philip and I will be traveling to Maui for a week in April (so excited for this adventure!). And our 30th wedding anniversary will be in July.
Something unique about you that not very many other people can claim: I met my husband on a week-long bicycle trip in Minnesota. We rode 100 miles a day, camped at night, and did it all over again the next day for an entire week. It was June, 1987. It was a HOT and HUMID day. I was wearing a tiny bathing suit top—with no straps—and to my surprise, the clip broke and my suit to fell onto the road. I was buck naked from the waist up. In that moment, my future husband rode by and offered to help. I guess he liked what he saw as we’ve been together ever since.
Coveted collections: Dog Koda and horse Bodee—and I’m looking to expand on this collection (sorry Philip!).
Thing(s) you can’t live without? We can’t and don’t want to live without each other!
What do you do for a living? Philip has been in the exotic windows and doors industry for over 30 year. Since 2011, I’ve owned Farm Bureau Financial Services and Insurance Company in Cave Creek—located just 84 steps to the right of the Dairy Queen in downtown Cave Creek. Please stop by and say hi; we can go and get a Dairy Queen together.
Please provide a little background/history about how the business was started and how it’s evolved. I had always wondered what my home and auto insurance policy would actually do for me if something happened and needed to file a claim. In 2009 I started asking questions and was shocked at how much I didn’t know and that I was paying for coverages I didn’t need and didn’t have the coverages most important to me and my family. This motivated me to start working for Farm Bureau Insurance so that I could share everything that I learned and make sure people had the correct protection.
Favorite vacation destination outside of AZ: Barbados. Favorite restaurant: Mastro’s or Tonto Bar and Grill. Favorite way to relax: Hiking, being on the back of a horse, or sitting on the back patio enjoying all that mother nature has to offer. Favorite sports teams: Arizona Cardinals. Favorite TV show you’re in to right now: Philip: “Yellowstone” (Go Beth!) Me: “This is Us.” A favorite movie I could never get tired of watching and why: “Legends of the Fall.” This movie touches on every emotion in life.
Person who has made a difference in your life? My father Cory Kruckenberg was amazing. He taught me the passion to life and the reward of helping others. Philip: My father in law—Cory—because of a shared love of golf and his daughter Leslie.
Favorite quote: Philip: “That’ll be the Day”—John Wayne. Me: “Create a life you don’t need to take a vacation from.”— Cory Kruckenberg (my father).