Meet Angela King - Owner of Eleven 18 Interior Design

After working as an interior designer for 25 years, Angela King had the opportunity to work for a furniture manufacturer part time which afforded her the flexibility to get her own business off the ground. In 2016, she formed Eleven 18 Interior Design as she had wanted to start her own interior design business for many years. She named the company after her twin daughters, who were born on Nov. 18.
“My daughters are amazing young ladies and they inspire me to dream big and be all that I can be, so I couldn’t think of anything more fitting to name my business after,” Angela said.
While Angela is the sole owner of Eleven 18 Interior Design, her family is often involved in one way or another! Her husband Brian loves to get to know clients and their families, and he occasionally helps with art installation and furniture delivery. One of her daughters, Lindsey, is a commercial interior designer and is contracted for architectural drawings. Angela’s other daughter, Lauren, is an art therapist and watercolor artist, and Angela commissions her artwork for her clients on occasion.
At Eleven 18 Interior Design, their goal is to help clients design a home that not only looks great, but is functional and fits their needs. Through purposeful interior design, they create spaces that are comfortable and inviting for their clients.
“How we design our surroundings and the items we choose to fill our home with reflects our inner state of mind and can influence how we feel and think, whether we’re aware of it or not,” Angela said. “My goal as a designer is to get to know and collaborate with my clients to help them discover what their personal style is and steer them to the design choices that will help them infuse their individual style and personality into their home.”
Additionally, Angela believes that both your home environment and your community are very important. So when she and Brian moved to the Geist area from Yorktown, Indiana, they were excited to be welcomed into and now enjoy serving the Cambridge community as they have built many friendships.
“My God given gift and talent is interior design, and it’s one that I love so much,” Angela said. “I enjoy helping my clients, both in and outside my community, create a home environment that fosters creativity and showcases their own unique style; a home where they can entertain and create memories. The bonus for me is that I not only get to know my clients, but also their entire family and quite often they become friends for life.”
When Angela is not working, she loves spending time outdoors as it helps fuel her creativity and keeps her grounded. She and Brian also enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, and their daughters and their families. Angela also loves to entertain and cook for family and friends and host them in her home.