Eric McKie

3rd generation owner of Green Oak Florist and Garden Center

Green Oak Florist and Garden Center has been a mainstay in our area for decades, and Stroll is honored to have Green Oak partnering with us at Stroll Bridgewater, Stroll Lake Caroline, and Stroll Reunion magazines! This month, you will get to know Green Oak Garden Center owner, Eric McKie, a little better!

"I am proud to be the third-generation owner of Green Oak Florist and Garden Center, with locations in Gluckstadt, Ridgeland, and Jackson. We pride ourselves on all things plants and beauty with a florist, a garden center, landscape services, indoor and outdoor plants, and amazing Christmas decor!"

Have you ever heard of biophilia? Biophilia refers to the idea that we, as humans, have an innate tendency to connect with nature and other forms of life. It is a term coined by biologist E.O. Wilson in the 1980s and suggests that we have a deep-seated need to be surrounded by greenery, natural elements, and other living things. In practical terms, this means that incorporating elements of nature into our daily lives, such as bringing plants into our homes or working in spaces with natural lighting and greenery, can have a positive impact on our well-being. It's thought that biophilic environments can reduce stress, improve mood, and boost creativity, among other benefits!

Expert tip from Eric: Pay attention to your indoor plants' watering needs! Overwatering is the most common way to harm plants, so it is important to strike the right balance. Generally, most indoor plants prefer to dry out slightly between waterings, so make sure to feel the soil with your fingers before giving them more water. Also, consider factors such as the plant's size, the amount of light it receives, and the humidity of the room, as these can all impact its watering needs. 

Thank you, Eric, for sharing with the readers of Stroll magazine! 

Eric McKie, Owner
Green Oak Florist and Garden Center
•5009 Old Canton Road, Jackson  
(601) 956-7150
•1067 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite E, Ridgeland
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