The Roslonski Family

The Roslonki family in Maine.

Erica and Eric Roslonski first met on a night out with friends in Indianapolis. Erica worked at an architectural firm and Eric was doing his medical residency. “I gave him my business card because it was 2002 and no one really brought cellphones out,” Erica says. The following week they went on their first date. Three years later, Eric finished his residency and they got engaged.

They first moved to Eric’s home state of Pennsylvania, where he finished his fellowship. As soon as he started working as a physician, they bought their first house in Jennerstown, a tiny Pennsylvania mountain town. “We lived there for 11 years and put a lot of work into that house,” Erica says.

Growing up, Erica loved art class and was constantly redesigning her room. “It was a pretty organic choice to choose architecture as my major,” she says. “Then I changed my focus to interior design [at Ball State University] because it’s a lot more fun and I’m all about that.” Erica began her career designing commercial office and retail spaces, but her true passion is transforming residential spaces. She started her own design business, eSharp Interiors, doing everything from color consultations to detailed kitchen and bath design. “I love that I get to be creative and work closely with my clients to find their own unique style. No cookie-cutter black-and-white decor here!”

Eric had an influential advanced biology teacher in high school who encouraged him to pursue a career in science and medicine. Once in medical school, Eric explored different fields and found he liked being able to offer people options when conventional treatments did not help them. He works as a physician specializing in pain management at Comprehensive Pain Consultants of the Carolinas. He travels to multiple office locations, including Marion, Fletcher and Weaverville, treating patients trying to cope with chronic pain primarily using interventional techniques like injections and nerve blocks.

Eric is from southwestern Pennsylvania and graduated from St. Vincent College in Latrobe, which he attended on a full basketball scholarship. Erica calls herself a bit of a nomad. “North Carolina is the eighth state where I’ve lived,” she says. “I went to so many schools that I can’t even count, I’ve lived on both coasts and pretty much everywhere in between. I was painfully shy when I was younger, but moving like that really makes you come out of your shell. To this day, I make a point to welcome new people, and now most people who know me say I’m an extrovert.”

The Roslonkis moved to Asheville in 2017 with their twin sons, Brooks and Quinn. “Eric lived the majority of his life in Pennsylvania and was ready for a change,” Erica says. “We were also tired of the cold, snowy winters. We flew down in June 2017 for his job interview, and by August I was living here with the boys, ready for them to start second grade.”

After less than two years living in a secluded part of Asheville, Erica and Eric knew that Biltmore Park was where they wanted to be. “We bought our house on Olmsted Road in 2019 and have loved every minute of it. Having neighbors is so great,” Erica says. “We live on a cul-de-sac and have cookouts and gatherings. We have made some wonderful lifelong friends who live in Biltmore Park.”

At 13, Brooks and Quinn are now officially teenagers. They attend Valley Springs Middle School. “When they were babies, they had their own language and cracked each other up,” Erica says. Erica finds the role of a twins mom to be “awesome, exhausting, frustrating and always exciting! It’s so neat to see them becoming men and taking completely different paths despite being raised in exactly the same way. My boys are truly a testament to nature over nurture. I’m not sure if I’ve ever met a set of twins who are so completely different, both physically and behaviorally.” 

From the day they were born, Erica says, they have had extremely different personalities. “Quinn, who is 12 minutes older, was a reckless toddler and has had five rounds of stitches! He is sports obsessed, particularly basketball, and loves buying shoes,” she says. “He mows several Biltmore Park yards and details cars to fund this expensive habit.” Quinn is the social one of the two; he seems to know and like everyone,” Erica explains. “Brooks learned to read and do math at a crazy young age. He is great at all things technology-related. He runs cross-country and track for Valley Springs Middle School. He loves surfing and took lessons in Newport Beach, California, a couple of years ago. He just bought his first surfboard and reminds us on the regular that he wants to live on the beach!”

When they asked their son Brooks what he thinks of being a twin, he replied, “It’s like having a person with you all the time who just so happens to be the same age as you.” The boys shared a bedroom by choice until four years ago when they moved into their current home. “They have a twin bond and like knowing where the other one is and what each other is doing at the moment,” Erica says. “Right now there’s a lot of competition and comparison that we are hoping they will grow out of, fingers crossed.”

The Roslonski family also includes three canine members: Ada, Odie and Pepper. “We have some of the most spoiled hounds you’ll ever meet,” Erica confesses. “We adopted two greyhounds from racing tracks, one from Florida, one from Arkansas, and we have a Whippet. If it were up to me, we’d rescue 18 more dogs!” she says.

Erica’s favorite hobby is hiking, Eric’s is hunting, Quinn’s is basketball and, for Brooks, video games. The whole family loves to travel. “Whether visiting family or vacationing or a long weekend away, our trips are always busy and active; none of us are really interested in lying next to a pool, so we plan all kinds of activities, including hiking, kayaking and surfing,” Erica says.

The favorite of family trips is heading to the beach. “We go at least once a year and we like to mix it up. We are not the family who returns to the same place for vacation each year. We have family in Pennsylvania, Indiana and Alabama, so those are all frequent trips. Maine is a favorite place to visit. We had a destination wedding there and took our boys back for our 10th and 15th anniversaries. We love the way the forest runs right into the beach, and the lobster and sunsets are amazing. We always take a sunset cruise when we visit,” Erica says. “We also love New York City and spent last Christmas in the city, where we went to 12 Nike stores!”

They all love the proximity of Biltmore Park to Biltmore Park Town Square and all of the businesses. “Our boys spend a ton of time down there, and our house has become the gathering place for their friends,” Erica says. “On any given weekend, you’re likely to find four to ten teenage boys here. We also love the trails; our dogs in particular love them.”

Fun random facts about the Roslonski crew? “Quinn is the most organized and tidy teenager I’ve ever met. His bed is always made and everything is meticulously organized,” Erica says. “Eric set a basketball record at his high school by scoring over 2,100 points. Brooks is a New York City subway pro and guided us through the city during our last visit. And I can touch my nose with my tongue!”

Favorite Places to Go in the Asheville Area
“We love exploring new restaurants and shops,” Erica shares.
  • Rabbit Rabbit — “Eric and I are big music fans and go to Rabbit Rabbit for shows several times a year.”
  • Mountain Madre
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Mast General Store

Favorite Businesses in Biltmore Park Town Square
“We take full advantage of all these awesome places in our backyard,” Erica says
  • Reuter YMCA — Quinn plays basketball there at least five days a week!
  • Club Pilates
  • Brixx Wood Fired Pizza & Craft Bar
  • Thirsty Monk
  • Regal Biltmore Grande movie theater
  • Barnes & Noble

Other Favorite Local Businesses
  • Viktor’s Granite & Marble
  • Baker Roofing
  • Fields Auto Group