Exploring Mongolia through Steve’s Lens

I’m a guy who loves to tell stories. I try not to spare the truth when I do. Traveling around the world, first as a naval officer and then as a hobby photographer, I have a vast repertoire to draw from. I categorize myself as a street photographer, but I have branched out to explore new horizons in landscape.

As part of an adventure travel group with my wife, Ann, I flew from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, and then later to Ulgii. We were hosted by several Kazakh families, and the many photo opportunities enticed me.

Our small groups lived in gers (yurts) on the open plains of Mongolia and traveled in Russian-made forgone vans across the land without roads. I found thrill and excitement in exploring Mongolia, home to a unique nomadic culture and landscape and the second-least-populated country in the world.

Connect with Steve
Steve calls himself a hobbyist, but his work has won multiple prestigious awards, including the National Geographic International Competition, the Tokyo International Photography Awards, the Paris European Photography PX3 Award and many others. Steve and Ann live on Woodvine Road and are active Rotarians when not traveling the world.