Meet Landon, Frankie Suave, Typhoon and Roscoe

On the Trail: Landon, Frankie, Roscoe and Typhoon

If you take advantage of our neighborhood greenway, you’ve probably encountered Frankie, Typhoon, Landon and Roscoe — a family of rescued Siberian Huskies who clock 6 miles of walking a day. What you may not know is that they have fans from around the world but live right here on Braeside Circle.

When Todd Fulbright and I adopted our first Siberian Husky, Nikita, more than 30 years ago. I posted stories about Nikita’s antics, tales that grew a following particularly when additional Siberians came to live with us. People from around the world check in daily on the dogs’ personal website,, where more than 5,000 stories of their adventures have been shared.

Many people purchase Siberians because of their striking coats and mesmerizing eyes but soon discover the challenge of managing a dog bred by the Chukchi people of Siberia. These high-energy working dogs can run well over 100 miles a day, which is why so many end up as rescues.

When they aren’t out on the greenway, expect to find The Herd sprawled on a couch napping, hogging an air-conditioning vent for some arctic air, or inventing games with one of their siblings. They’ll even let me work on my latest novel if I break on schedule for the twice-a-day walks.

So if you run into them on the trail, stop and say hello. The dogs are more than happy to talk back to you in their sing-song voices.

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