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Welcome! Let’s get to know our neighbors.

We know genuine connections with neighbors next door and business owners down the street make for a more meaningful experience. And we believe getting to know people in our community should be simple. That’s why Stroll meets you where you’re at – your mailbox.

We are grateful to serve this amazing community.

Every month, we share stories from and about different residents within our neighborhood.

See below for a few of our recent favorites.

Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Convenience on Victory Drive
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Stitching Harmony Into the Patchwork Quilt of Blended Families

The Superhero Role of Trust Planning

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Residents Bryan and Robin Dasher Introduce us to Re-englighten
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Meet Pecorino!
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Sherri Lewis: Creating Landscapes that Move the Soul
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Meet Your Neighbors

Ardsley Park residents Michael Dees and Ron Auriana moved to Savannah 4 years ago from New York City and immediately fell in love with Ardsley Park.

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The Drayton Hotel - The Food Tour Experience
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Jeannine Johnson

Jeannine Johnson

Jeannine Johnson is a local resident in the Savannah, GA, area along with her husband, Matt, and her three children (Austin, Tyler, and Courtney). Jeannine joined The N2 Company in 2013 and has successfully launched and managed four lifestyle publications for N2 in Massachusetts and now in Savannah, GA. Jeannine moved to Savannah in 2020 and loves the opportunity to connect neighbors with neighbors through a "warm and fuzzy," social magazine that is fun and engaging. She is passionate about building relationships within the local community and bridging the gap between community and business through creative and engaging advertising and marketing opportunities.

Fun facts: although their family has three cats, she is definitely the dog person in the family and loves taking long walks each and every morning with their Belgian Malinois, Grizz. Jeannine is very involved in her church in Richmond Hill as well as several regular community and networking organizations in Savannah.

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