Agritopia Unites in a Splash-tastic Water Balloon Showdown presented by Double Play Duo

Countless Water Balloons and Endless Fun: The Unforgettable Summer Spectacle

A July 4th to remember unfolded as neighbors Leo Daigle and Kellie James created a fun-filled water balloon fight on a blazing hot day for excited kids in the neighborhood. With an impressive stash of several thousand water balloons, exciting water games and water-filled prizes, the event became a celebration of community spirit and carefree fun. Laughter filled the steamy air as water balloons flew and a steady flow of colorful and flavorful Hawaiian shaved ice cooled down the kids while forging lasting memories and bringing neighbors closer together. Thanks to Leo Daigle and Kellie James, the day was a splashing success that will be cherished for years to come.