Spend Vs Save

It's important to spend money wisely when we update our space.  If it is difficult or disruptive to your life to replace, gets lots of use or is exposed to harsh elements, allocate money to purchase the best quality you can afford. You can save on the rest!  

Let’s break it down in a save vs splurge comparison so you have at-a-glance answers at your fingertips.


Lighting is mostly out of reach and there are lots of beautiful light fixtures at lower price points!

Paint is affordable, but you get what you pay for.  Make sure your paint has low or zero VOC and purchase good quality so you get excellent coverage and don’t have to suffer through multiple time-consuming coats.  Before wallpaper installation walls need to be skim coated and primed.  Don’t skip this step!  Wallpaper is a game changer so don’t be afraid of the associated price tags. Tie here.

Hardware is the jewelry of a cabinet and there are lots of beautiful low-price options available that can dress up your home that you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to afford.


Flooring gets abused daily, we drag chairs across it, kids spill everything, and dogs zoom across it!  

Good quality countertop material and an excellent installer are important as they can make or break the appearance of a kitchen or bath with their seams and installation. 

Plumbing fixtures should be brass and have an excellent finish. Some companies use plastic parts and the metal “finish” is painted on; painted finishes rub off quickly with regular use and need to be replaced frequently.  Breakage can also flood your home and ruin your updates.  

Sofas get everyday use and are in high-traffic areas, we nap and socialize on them, and spend the money on the best quality we can.  Bad fabric pills, stains easily and cheaper sofas are simply uncomfortable.  You will replace them repeatedly and in the end spend more than you would have if you bought a better quality one in the first place. Plus double delivery fees.  

Dining tables take daily abuse at mealtime, endure spills, hot dishes and innumerable wipe-downs so they need to be sturdy and of good quality.  Cheap tables look terrible, get water rings and scratch. 

With outdoor furniture, the harsh Arizona sun damages everything.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  Purchasing Sunbrella or similar high-quality acrylic weatherproof fabrics for drapes and outdoor furnishings ensures you won’t replace them for years.  They’re more expensive but will stand the test of time, anything else you’ll replace over and over again.  

Spend your money where it’ll have the most impact and remember this quote by Charles Eames: ”The details are not the details. They make the design.” 

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