Kansas Native Finds “All That and More” in Her Local Sales and Publishing Role

Stroll Area Director

When I interviewed for this role, it sounded like a really neat and challenging opportunity. It turned out to be all that and more.

I love the opportunities within my role as a Stroll publisher and Area Director to meet and help others. Meeting with solid local businesses and helping them gain visibility, build connections and relationships throughout the Wichita community, and bring joy to our neighborhoods through sharing their stories are just a few of the things that I get to do on a consistent basis in this role.

My current publication, Stroll Lakepoint & Vickridge, is for the Lakepoint and Vickridge neighborhoods in Wichita, Kansas. It's an established neighborhood located near one of the most prestigious country clubs in the area. The area is so fun and we are seeing several generations living in the same community while empty nesters’ children are now moving in and starting families of their own. We benefit from a wide range of residents, from retirees to young families and all different cultural backgrounds.

Creating Value in Wichita

I love what I do – who doesn’t love helping others? My biggest desire in this business – but also in life – is to make sure others know they are seen and they are valued. God created us to desire and benefit from communing with one another and it is definitely something I enjoy about what I do.

I’ve been with The N2 Company and Stroll for more than a decade. I’ve been around for a while and launched the first Stroll magazine in Kansas. The community I chose had high recognition in the Wichita area, but the residents who lived there were very private as a whole when I started out. Now we’re building bridges not only in the community, but creating stronger relationships among Lakepoint and Vickridge residents.

It’s a very coveted neighborhood from a real estate perspective because of its location, history, mature foliage, and its proximity to the best schools and shopping / dining establishments. It's in the center of all the fun!

Speaking of fun, we’ve highlighted some of the most wonderful, exciting residents over the years. I have so many favorites, it’s hard to choose. We’ve featured four neighborhood pilots that lived on the same street, highlighted breast cancer survivors, and military veterans, to name a few. And then there was an adventurous couple who lived in one of my neighborhoods. Their travels weren’t glamorous; they would travel for a couple of months doing a backpacking pilgrimage through Spain or South America, staying in hostels and such. I loved following their travels through their articles and being inspired by their journeys. Overall, sharing people’s journeys – difficult, painful, or glamorous – is the best part of our publications, in my opinion.

I have an event almost every month for Stroll LakePoint & Vickridge, but the most value I can add to this community is how I make everyone feel. My goal is for everyone involved to know they are valued, our business partners to feel comfortable, and the neighbors to feel connected. Almost every month I have residents who order extra copies to hand out to their family and friends. I love having them pick up their copies at one of our brick-and-mortar partners nearby. I leave a note card for the sponsor to write a note about their feature. It’s a small, unique touch we can add to foster relationships with our local partners.

screenshots of happy customer messages

Here are examples of kind words I’ve received from both residents and business partners. I keep them in a folder called "Pick Me Ups" in case there are days when I need to be reminded that what I am doing is good and that it is making a difference in others' lives.

Publication Impact

Stroll LakePoint & Vickridge allows our residents a platform to share life with others around them. It also allows our businesses the opportunity to be unique with different involvement strategies that they wouldn't have access to otherwise. Simply put, our business partners don't need us to send out a piece of direct mail. They can do that on their own. They need us because of the value in the relationship we bring, along with a high-quality monthly publication delivered to the right people.

I downsized a few years ago from two publications to producing one publication. I published two for seven years, and after having my second child, I knew I wanted more simplicity in my personal life – at least for a while. My family always comes first and I like that I can, if need be, stay home with a sick child without repercussion.

Now that I’m a mom, I’m a lot more efficient with my time when I am working. But I love that I don’t have to choose between making a living and being a good and present mother. There are always pros and cons to every situation or work environment, but I like to be able to control my work environment. What you put in, is what you are going to get out with this role. And I certainly don’t let my schedule run me. When things outside my control pop up (and with kids they always do), I just bob and weave. It’s all about being flexible and having a “what’s most important for me to accomplish today” attitude.

This opportunity has also allowed our family to be debt-free and to accomplish that in only a matter of two years! It’s a milestone that we are so happy about and love having the ability to be financially free.

Area Director mom with her family.

More About Raegan

I’m a Kansas native who has been with Stroll for more than 10 years. I played collegiate basketball at Seward County in Liberal, Kansas, and at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska, and graduated with a Graphic Arts degree from Concordia.

I love having a design background because I'm able to collaborate with clients on their branding message and really assist them in making the message to our communities impactful and relatable. My publications have received recognition several times for their quality of resident-based content. Over the years, I’ve been a part of both regional and national leadership groups within The N2 Company, helping other franchisees with their publication businesses and helping to develop company-wide processes and procedures.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband of seven years, Jake, and our two children, Carson and Grayden. You can find us traveling, spending time at the lake, doing almost anything outdoors, and visiting our favorite local restaurants or family spots like the Tanganyika Zoo. We love finding ways to have friendly competition, whether that be a board game, or a physical competition or activity. I also plan to write and illustrate my very own children's books in the near future and have started a side hobby making solar chandeliers for outdoor entertainment spaces. I enjoy being creative and fill in my small amounts of "me" time with something that allows me to use my hands and create.