3 Ways To Find the Most Trusted Local Businesses

Person cutting hair with scissors at a salon.

You can always turn to an issue of Stroll to discover local companies, but there are some other ways to find businesses in your community. Read on to see what else we recommend.

There are many ways to scope out local businesses. Of course, flipping through your latest issue of Stroll is a quick and easy way to not only get introduced to companies in your area, but to those that have chosen to support your neighborhood publication. But we acknowledge this isn’t the only way to find top, trusted businesses in your community. Read on to see what other steps we recommend!

Whether you’ve lived in the area for 10 years or 10 days, it’s hard to escape the great moment of pause when you need a service provider… but where do you even begin to find them? And even if you find a list of local companies, it’s not easy to know who to trust. Some choices you really don’t want to get wrong – like when you’re in need of a trusted physician, contractor, or hairstylist.

Thanks to the digital age, we can, of course – and most of us will – start with Google. The trouble is, search engines provide so much information that it can become too much when we don’t have the time to scroll and research for hours at a time. It can be difficult to navigate through search pages and hundreds of reviews online.

Don't worry! We've got you covered with some tips on how to find the most trusted local businesses in your area. The next time you’re looking for clarity, start with these three things.

Local Awards

When it comes to finding top local favorites that won’t disappoint, check around for any awards that are given out in the city. Many news stations and other local organizations hold annual contests, voted on by the public, to determine favorite businesses related to health and wellness, finance, home improvement, food and drink, and much more.

These lists are a great way to gauge who has a solid reputation – and you can even see if a new business has risen to local stardom, or if a business has held the “best” title for years on end. Check out your local paper and / or news station to find the best of what your fellow constituents have found in just about any category you could need.

Reputation & Reviews

Reviews are undeniably important when it comes to choosing a business. After all, you can not only see others’ thoughts on the services received, but also can see how a business responds to criticism and praise – very telling! However, we don't want you to spend hours upon hours scrolling through different websites, trying to figure out which ones are reputable or not. There are many ways people search for reviews online, whether it be through Google, Yelp, or social media.

While these can be useful starting points, they can also lead to wasted time if there's not much information to glean from them. We recommend narrowing down the long list to a few that make the cut, based on your initial search and the qualities you’re most looking for.

A short list is usually effective enough to make a decision for low-risk purchases such as where to get coffee or what your next date night activity should be. For more crucial decisions such as finding a trusted financial advisor, pediatrician, or general contractor, keep on reading to our last (and most advantageous) tip.

Word of Mouth

Asking for advice is not only free, but rewarding! And when you get advice about a business from someone you know, you trust that advice so much more.

Think of the people who are similar to you in taste if you’re looking for a restaurant recommendation, or similar to you in lifestyle choices if looking for a nutritionist or trainer. Do you admire someone’s style? Ask about their favorite boutiques and salons or barber shops.

If you’re new to town and don’t know who to ask just yet, check out your BeLocal publication for the most trusted local providers and insider tips from long-time residents. And if you’re lucky enough to be in a Stroll neighborhood, you’re reading about your neighbors monthly and have access to exclusive events that bring the community together – including local business partners vetted by your neighbors!

There are so many local businesses out there with a trusted reputation. We wish you the best in finding the right services for you and your family! And don’t forget to spread the word about the good ones.

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